Just Hope

Amy is a happy, bubbly 13 year old girl, much loved my everyone and adored by her quiet friend hope. Amy suddenly gets ill and things become hard for Hope, With Amy in hospital she doesn't know what to do with herself.


1. Amy

"Hope?" I could feel her poking my back, trying to get my attention.

"What is it Amy?" I asked, "I'm trying to get on with my maths work."

"Boring, do you want to come round to mine tonight?" I could never say 'no' she never used to forgive if I said I was busy even if I was.

"Yeah, sure!" I loved Amy's house, it was full of colors and never tidy (unlike mine which was always spotless)

"Yay!" she yelled and she jumped up of her chair and did a little happy dance. Everyone was staring at her of course but she didn't care, She honestly didn't give a damn what anybody thought of her, everyone thought she was brilliant anyway. Everyone seemed to want to be Amy's best friend but I was her best friend. We've been best friends since we were very little even though she's loud and bubbly and I'm quiet and shy. When school was over we walked down the road to her house. We  talked about school and Amy chattered non-stop about Peter, a boy she had a massive crush on. A lot of people had a crush on Amy. She's got beautiful, thick, blonde hair, past her shoulders and big, deep blue eyes. She's at least the prettist girl in our year at school. People don't normally realise I'm there when Amy's with me, I just sort of faid into the background. Wall paper girl.

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