Cold Blooded

The living dead can be complicated. For some people.
Nineteen year old Jane was on her death bed when a mysterious figure came and bit her and has never been seen since.
Finding him would be hard. Even harder not trying to kill every one on the way.
Trying to find a person that she has never seen before. Its impossible. Well........ Not for her.


6. Reality

I woke up stunned. But i wasn't lying on the ground that i once did. I lay in front of a motel. How did i get here? I cautiously stood up and walked past the motel confused. Behind the motel was a never ending cliff and over the other side was nothing, it was like the end of the earth. So i went back and decided to go into the motel.

I walked in to the dry smelly motel and a sign readied. 

Edge of the Earth Motel.

It is the only place that you can catch a glimpse of the end of the world.

1 night : £20

Half a week:£50


We hope you enjoy your stay.

 So it was the end of the earth. I never knew that was real.  I thought that the world was round and there was n 't and edge to the earth.

The woman at reception was a very small woman that did n't look very happy to be where she is."Hello welcome to the edge of the earth yada yada de ya may i help ya." She mumbled.

"Ummmm 1 night please."

"Would you like breakfast in the morning?" "No. I'm looking for a man. You know possible vampire."

"Upstairs room 12" She gave me my keys and nodded off.

I could n't believe what i was hearing. I had found him this was it. It could all be over after this one moment. I was dreading it. But so exited my suffering would end. 

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