Cold Blooded

The living dead can be complicated. For some people.
Nineteen year old Jane was on her death bed when a mysterious figure came and bit her and has never been seen since.
Finding him would be hard. Even harder not trying to kill every one on the way.
Trying to find a person that she has never seen before. Its impossible. Well........ Not for her.


3. Out of control

Everything was white it was the most beautiful place that i' ve ever seen.

"What is this place." I gasped.

"Home." She said grinning squeezing my hand.

She pulled me towards the beautiful buildings.

Thousands of people in white where walking past me and the woman. I could n't take it, i think i might kill everyone in the city if the woman let go of my hand.

"Im going to get some bevrages what should i get you?"

"Blood, no, yes, no. Water. please."

Then once she had gone to get the drinks a fairly muscular man sat next to me. His scent was so strong i could die.

"Hey do you want to come with me for a sec?" I hissed taking his hand and dragging him to the corner.

I placed my hand softly on his chest and smelled his neck.

"What are you doing." He asked me.

I said nothing and drew in closer to his neck. I could n't help myself. I bit him but i could n't stop he was screaming and everyone was screaming. Another man came up to me and pulled me off of the man so guess what i did. I bit him.

The happy white building that i saw once is not the same anymore. It is a dark haunted place and fear is in the air.She had only gone for drinks. But instead she had gone away from a mad bloodsucking vampire.

I crave it every day. Every night.




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