Cold Blooded

The living dead can be complicated. For some people.
Nineteen year old Jane was on her death bed when a mysterious figure came and bit her and has never been seen since.
Finding him would be hard. Even harder not trying to kill every one on the way.
Trying to find a person that she has never seen before. Its impossible. Well........ Not for her.


5. Dreams

I slowly moved up so that i was sitting on and vintage red chair. OK now this is not normal. I' m sitting in a vintage chair in a fairly dark room when yesterday i was lying down on the pinching stinging ground. Maybe this was a dream. No it can't be it felt so real.

"Where have you been?" A deep soft voice asked me.

I gasped in fear and turned my head to see a blurred figure standing  right in front of the chair. "What are you talking about i slept here."

"Oh really well lets see how you managed to suffer sleeping in MY chair." Then he came and squeezed into the left side of that small chair.

"Oh my god i can't believe that you are coming into this chair when i' m sitting in it!"' He did n' t say anything and stared in to the depth of my eyes and kissed me. It was amazing. I swung my arms around his neck and his hands where on my cheeks. He was so cold, even colder than me! 

"Who are you?" I asked him breathing heavily.

"Well I' m-"

Then i woke up, stunned.

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