Cold Blooded

The living dead can be complicated. For some people.
Nineteen year old Jane was on her death bed when a mysterious figure came and bit her and has never been seen since.
Finding him would be hard. Even harder not trying to kill every one on the way.
Trying to find a person that she has never seen before. Its impossible. Well........ Not for her.


2. Coping

I was still running. I could feel his blood dried up all over my mouth.

"Run. run, run,run, need to find him must find him." I chanted to myself still running out of breath.

Then suddenly i stopped. Is that what i thought it was. Light. The end of the forest. I sighed of relief. I was one step closer to finding him. The light was getting closer and closer and closer. I started to run faster and faster and faster.

I have made it. Out of that horror film.I stopped and stared down at my feet. I'd noticed that my shoes must of fallen off while i was running. The pain had just kicked in.

 I was lost. No where to go. A murderer and in agony. Now my only hope is finding him. If he is really who i think he is then he can help me through this pain.

 I screamed and tears drizzled down my cheeks. I was going mad. I was gasping for breath and realized that i really wanted to die that day in hospital. Why me WHY ME!

"Quiet child. come with me i know why you are suffering and we can help." A soft voice whispered in my ear.

She took my hand and took me straight into the sunlight. I could n't see but she could. I was blinded by the sunlight. The woman was humming a song that sounded so familiar but i could n't remember it.The woman slowed down until she stopped.

"We are here." I stopped and gasped this was what i was waiting for and suffering for.

"Its beautiful." I sighed.

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