Cold Blooded

The living dead can be complicated. For some people.
Nineteen year old Jane was on her death bed when a mysterious figure came and bit her and has never been seen since.
Finding him would be hard. Even harder not trying to kill every one on the way.
Trying to find a person that she has never seen before. Its impossible. Well........ Not for her.


1. Step one

It burns.The pain, all over my body. It started off just at my throat but now. Two years later it still hurts.I was on my death bed in the local hospital when this frosty dark figure came and bit me on my lifeless throat. That's when i knew, he was a vampire. I mean why would a doctor come and bite me on my neck.So i decided to find him. Its a long shot but once he bit me. Its weird but, i can smell everything and i must have his sent somewhere, anywhere?

So i set off into the black forest. I don't originally come from Germany but I've lived there for about five years.

It was pitch black. I was tripping over things like logs and i was even banging into trees. I didn't know what to do. So i crouched down where i could see, my knees were tucked into my chest. I closed my eyes trying not to think of the horrors of the black forest. I just tried to think of him. What does he look like? What is his name?

I have to find him. Its weird but he saved my life. He must be close. Then i heard snapping of twigs and someone stopped in front of me, or something.

"Mam what are you doing in this forest at this time of night?" A man crocked to me. I couldn't see him properly but i'm sure he was leaning over me.

My breathing suddenly got heavier. What could i say to him that i'm looking for a vampire that bit me when i was dying.

I didn't know what to do so i cautiously slid up and grabbed his dry warm neck and bit him sucking the blood out of him like a spider. He dropped to the ground and ran as fast as i could. I did n't know where i just needed to get away.

Tears fell from my eyes. I had killed a normal man. I have made some mistakes in my life but this is just the worst mistake i have ever made.

I' ve turned into a monster.

I had to find him now. Maybe he could help me stop this killing even though i have only killed one man but life goes on.





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