The Time Traveller

Kiki is just an ordinary girl with a normal family and a familiar life. But then Kiki finds herself in Carn Euny hundreds of years ago and her unforgettable adventure starts with a bang. The people of Carn Euny are in deep trouble; a tribe approaches ever closer wanting war and they can't think of any ways to fight them off. Kiki is told that if she can help she will become famous and loved. All her life Kiki has felt unimportant...will this be her time to shine?


5. The start of an idea



As we sauntered back out of the tunnels, I came back to my senses a little. I had to find my way back to Present Time...and home. But first surely it wouldn’t hurt to find a bit more out about Brena and her time! As I thought this, Brena spoke again. “Do you want to see my family and home?”

“Oh yes, I’d love to!” I cried, trying to hide my delight, and failing epically.


So, Brena led me off to a perfect circle of huts near to the border of this village. All the huts had very busy looking women doing chores outside or men trying to round up squealing, fat pigs into wattle and daub huts with great difficulty; it was very quaint. Brena walked up to a home with a kindly lady scrubbing dirty plates in the sparkling river. “Hello, Brena!” said the woman, brightly. Then she saw me and her face darkened slightly then recovered. “And, err, who’s this?” she asked Brena, frowning. Obviously, I looked very dirty after falling in the tunnel and my earrings shaped like little ladybirds but five spots a-side probably hadn’t been invented yet; I could understand her confusion! “Kiki, mother!” cried Brena, full of bounce. When her mother still stared at me as if I were an alien, Brena assured her swiftly, “She is a friend of mine, not from anywhere round here, Mother. Stop worrying, it’s all right. I’m not as brainless as you think.” Brena’s mother suddenly turned her frown to a welcoming beam and beckoned me into their diminutive home. “Oh come on in then! I always try to be more wary what with that wretched tribe coming and all. But maybe you haven’t heard.”

“Yes, there’s this awful, aggressive tribe coming to att-”

“No, now I’m sure your friend doesn’t want to hear about that.” interrupted Brena’s mum.  She bustled me and Brena inside.


In their hut, it looked really cosy with a warming fire burning away and crackling. Small, wooden cabinets held beautiful plates with elaborate designs on them, and the table had a big cooking pot on it; suddenly I felt hungry. “Why don’t you have a hot meal with us and then we can see about getting you home!” the kind lady said, sympathetically. It was almost as though she could read my mind! I thanked her, grateful for the meal, but I had no idea how I could get home with or without anybody’s help.  


It was a small house, just one room, but I liked it. A double bed with a striped, hand-knitted blanket which was spread across it, the cabinet and the table were the main pieces of furniture really. I went up to the friendly fire and warmed my numb hands up against it closely followed by Brena. “We’re struggling, you know. This tribe is very advanced...and vicious! We need another weapon. Stronger, longer-lasting.” said Brena.

“Have you used arrows?” I questioned.

Brena’s mother looked cautiously at me. “Um, no dear...sparrows wouldn’t be much good, but thanks for trying to help. Would you like to sit down a while?”

“Oh no, I said ARROWS. You know arrows!” I repeated, clearly.

“An arrow? I know of a pointed arrow that is used to show ways to places but not as a weapon...hmm, an arrow...”she murmured, thoughtfully.

“Never heard of them? They come with a bow. One end is long and pointed and the other feathered or just plain with little catches. You pull back the arrow by the feathered part and then let go.” I attempted to explain, in vain. But both Brena and her mother looked more and more perplexed. “Do you know how to make theses ‘arrows’?” asked Brena, eagerly.

“No, but I can draw them.” I replied, feeling deadly foolish. Brena shot her mother an excited look which was returned. “Oh Brena! Take her to the chief! Right away! That’s if you don’t mind, Kiki?” I shook my head. “Of course not!” Maybe I could help after all then!


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