The Time Traveller

Kiki is just an ordinary girl with a normal family and a familiar life. But then Kiki finds herself in Carn Euny hundreds of years ago and her unforgettable adventure starts with a bang. The people of Carn Euny are in deep trouble; a tribe approaches ever closer wanting war and they can't think of any ways to fight them off. Kiki is told that if she can help she will become famous and loved. All her life Kiki has felt unimportant...will this be her time to shine?


7. The design


The man had led us to a hut with an old-looking, wooden door and a large door-knocker shaped like a horseshoe that was rather wonky and looked handmade! Inside the hut scraping, clanging noises could be heard. A door was in front of me- painted a very crude green. The chief banged on the entry viciously and called out, “Open up!” A scattering of feet was heard and the door opened hurriedly.



A younger man then the chief stood looking nervous on the step, trembling slightly with fright. He bowed low to the chief then straightened up. “Oh dear, oh dear...” he frowned, looking at Brena. “What has she done, chief?”

“This young lady has done no wrong; it’s your daughter’s friend that I’ve come to see you about.” She knows of a so-called unknown weapon that sounds very thrilling. She is here to draw it for you.” the chief said, boldly and the man looked relieved. “Oh, thank goodness.” he sighed. “What’s your name?” he added as an afterthought, turning to me and fixing me a cold stare. “Kiki, sir. I don’t live from round here.”

“Oh right.” he said, shortly. “Brena is this girl friend or not? And what in the high heavens are you doing here?”


“Yes, she’s my friend, Father. She told us all about this new weapon called an arrow so I decided to go to the chief and tell him. He took us to you.” answered Brena, patiently.

“Oh yes, I see. What did your Mother say to...K-iki?” He said my name twisted like it was a word he couldn’t understand. “She said Kiki can stay for a hot meal with us and then she can get home.” replied Brena, sounding annoyed he was being so cold with me.  “Well, I need to have a word with your Mother about that becau-“ Then the chief interrupted, “Ok! You can have a cosy chat later. The young lady is here to draw you something not to stand around being argued about!” I was thankful to the chief because I was starting to feel awkward as to why Brena’s Father didn’t like me being on their village. “Here you go then.” mumbled Brena’s Dad, sheepishly. He passed me a white goat skin and a lump of charcoal. Luckily, I had listened in History about this as well so I knew it was to draw on. The teachers are always on about needing your school skills in everyday life but they would get a shock if they knew why I needed their boring facts now! I took the charcoal and drew a long straight line with a triangle at one end and some recognisable feathers at the other end. I also drew a bow. 

“This is called Bow and Arrow. It can be vicious.” I said, once I was done. I was rather proud of my attempt. Admittedly, the bow was a bit out of shape. But I was proud. Especially when I had used some deep red stones and pale yellow stones on the floor to create the red and yellow feathers. For orange I had simply pressed lighter with red. “This looks like a dangerous weapon indeed.”  the blacksmith agreed, warming to me slightly. “But so hard...”

“We want to know if you’ll make theses weapons for our brave men! Come on stop idling!”demanded the chief, impatiently.

“I’ll try.” he said finally. “I’ll try.” 



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