The Time Traveller

Kiki is just an ordinary girl with a normal family and a familiar life. But then Kiki finds herself in Carn Euny hundreds of years ago and her unforgettable adventure starts with a bang. The people of Carn Euny are in deep trouble; a tribe approaches ever closer wanting war and they can't think of any ways to fight them off. Kiki is told that if she can help she will become famous and loved. All her life Kiki has felt unimportant...will this be her time to shine?


6. Chief


Speedily, Brena took me by the hand and led me out of the door. Then she let go and dashed through the village, towards a bigger and more posh building with thicker straw and stiffer, darker mud. Brena gestured for me to keep up with her (as she was now standing outside the larger home) leaving me panting for breath a few paces behind her. Brena lifted a hand and knocked loudly on the door, sending vibrations around the home. Almost immediately, the door was flung open revealing a man dressed in a deep blue, woollen cloak. He had dark hair the colour of a ripe hazelnut and pale skin. He was extremely handsome. Brena made a neat side-step curtsy and I clumsily bent my knees. I used to do ballet when I was younger because Dad took me there every Saturday morning but when Kim required more “attention” as Dad put it I had to stop; leaving me an utterly hopeless dancer. 


“What do you want, Brena?” asked the man in a cold tone. “I’m busy so it had better be Very Important.” he added. I shivered...maybe this wasn’t important enough. What would happen then? I knew the olden days were very strict and I didn’t fancy being on the tail-end of a whipping or something horrible like that!

“Chief.” Brena said, respectively. “My friend, Kiki, knows of a new weapon. Different and hopefully stronger.” The chief noticed me for the first time and barked, “Kiki’s your name, then?”


“Yes, sir.” I muttered, suddenly interested in the ‘exciting’ lace wound up my shoe.

“You say you know of a stronger, unbeatable, legendary new weapon for us?” he asked, sounding intrigued. Thinking back, I don’t remember me or Brena calling my knowledge unbeatable or legendary but I wasn’t in the mood to contradict. “I’m not sure it’s what you need, but I do know you and your people haven’t yet heard about it...” I replied, in a cautious tone. “And? Go on!” cried the chief, now sounding excited.


“Well,” I began, amazed at this abrupt change of behaviour. “They are called Arrows. A bow and Arrow. A bow is very simple, mainly a semi circle shape and the arrow fits inside it. If you have feathers at the back it is more attractive; yellows, reds and oranges can look like fire is being thrown but it is also useful to hold onto. Let go and they shoot across hopefully (if you aim right) hitting your target square on. They can be rather deadly. I can’t make them (I’m no blacksmith!) but I can draw one for you.” I informed him, happy that I had listened in History that one time. I decided that I am giving History a chance after all, like I said before.


“I know who we need.” said the chief, mysteriously, buttoning up the top button on his rich, blue cloak. “Follow me.”

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