The Time Traveller

Kiki is just an ordinary girl with a normal family and a familiar life. But then Kiki finds herself in Carn Euny hundreds of years ago and her unforgettable adventure starts with a bang. The people of Carn Euny are in deep trouble; a tribe approaches ever closer wanting war and they can't think of any ways to fight them off. Kiki is told that if she can help she will become famous and loved. All her life Kiki has felt unimportant...will this be her time to shine?


4. Brena


I started to hear distant noises but my head ached terribly and I felt so dizzy and confused. I tried to open my eyes but they felt so heavy like they were fixed together with superglue. I blinked. Once. Twice. I fingered my head, gingerly; there was a huge swelling like an egg on my forehead. “Ouch,” I winced. Suddenly, everything came back to me. I had hit my head on the low ceiling of the cave in Carn Euny. As my senses started to develop more, I remembered the last thing I’d done had been calling for Loobie. 


Loobie! Where was Loobie? I leapt to my feet, ignoring the now burning pain in my head. I charged (not in a straight line by any means) out of the entrance to the tunnels, hoping Loobie was nearby.


A young girl, who was about my age, was kneeling outside the tunnel exit and (to my relief) patting a ruffled but happy Loobie. “Oh, you found my dog, then! Thanks so much. I was really starting to wor-”

“This is your dog?” interrupted the girl, slowly. I thought perhaps she was a little dumb and felt sorry for her.

“Yes, she’s my dog.” I replied, soothingly. “She’s called Loobie.” I added, proudly.

“Um, have you, err, come here by mistake, or got lost maybe?” said the strange girl.

“I don’t what you mean! I went in by entrance, banged my head and was now looking for my dog.” I laughed, a bit apprehensively, but as I spoke I suddenly realised (with a shock that made me lose my breath) what had happened.


The ruins that I had thought were still the same as before I’d went into the tunnel were no ruins anymore. The Market Square that had been ruined stones now had chickens scratching in the little yards and straw huts with women dressed in the weird clothing. I hesitated, feeling anxious as what to say. What had happened denied all science and history leaving me feeling very queasy and the world started to spin before me. “Where are we, before I was some...somewhere...else, but not-?” I said this realising how stupid I sounded as the words trickled out of my mouth. The girl looked at me as if I were crazy. Maybe I was.

“In Carn Euny, of course! Have you... come from the future?” the girl gasped, and then laughed at herself. “Sorry, I’m tired, not thinking straight. But you do look very weird and by the way you explained things, it sounded as if that was what was going on...”

“I’m as confused as you... I went into the tunnel and banged my head in there but when I came out it was like this...all different” I replied, slowly and worriedly. “In fact, I think I have come from the beyond your time...but please keep it a secret for now.” I added feeling very confused now.

“Oh, I’ll keep it a secret, what do you think people would say about me if I started talking about the future come to the past through a tunnel, I may get some funny looks!,” the girl cried, laughing. “I’d probably get beaten with a belt by my Father too.” she muttered, looking down to her feet, sheepishly.

“I’m sorry...about that.”I murmured, inaudibly.

“No, it’s doesn’t matter...anyway, you don’t know my name yet do you?” she said, hastily changing the subject.


She picked up a sharp, jagged stone and then carried on talking, placing the stone on the rocky inside of the tunnel entrance. “Brena.” As she spoke, the dug the stone into the rock and wrote her name (in a wonky style)

there, in the tunnel! This must have been how we evolved with Scouts and Guides to carve our name in the tree trunk where it could stay ceaselessly. “What’s your name?” Brena asked me, as if this was a totally every day thing to do. Copying Brena’s action I took out my Swiss penknife that I carried everywhere with me and as I spoke dug it into the rock. It was tough work, I tell you! Brena had made it look easy but she must have had muscles like a rhino to do it with such ease. “Kiki. A bit like a kiwi.” I finally stated, with a huff. “What’s a kiwi?” she asked, inquisitively. “Oh, never mind.” I laughed, remembering that fruit wasn’t imported much in these times.  The girl grinned cheekily. “I’ve never heard of your name before! It is funny!”

“I’ve never heard of your name either, it’s freaky! Mine’s completely normal! ” I protested. We giggled.


I felt I’d made a really special, unique friend. But how could I get home again and what was going to happen to me?


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