Beauty and the Prince

Kole cast a spell on Prince Levin, turning him into a hideous monster. Kenna stumbles upon his castle, and begins an adventure of true love and defiance against Kole. A re-telling of the fairy tale classic Beauty and the Beast.


1. Dark

                “Oh Levin,” Kole said, pushing Prince Levin against the wall. She fingered through his chocolate colored hair, pressing her warm, sleek body against hers.  She was very attractive in her own opinion, with dark, curling hair and snow white skin, her lips blood red. “You have known it all along.” Kole kissed his neck, grinding her hips into his. Suddenly, Levin pushed her back, in shock.


                “Kole,” Levin said, walking towards the door way. “You are a mentor… my protector. My mother entrusted you with keeping me safe.” His mother had died in heartbreak after his father died, leading brave warriors in the war against the water sprites. I guess you could say that Levin was more of a king now, and Kole, his mother’s most trusted advisor, was to bring him up as royalty. Kole was only about five years older than Levin, who was 18.


                “But my prince,” Kole replied, placing her hand on her heaving chest. “I love you unlike any other.”


                “Please,” Levin whispered, turning to face her. He tried to think of a way to get out of the situation. “I love another,” he lied. Kole bared her teeth, her teeth instantly sharpening. She was a dark spirit, with powers that she would not be afraid to use.


                “You will be mine,” Kole said through clenched teeth. “You will love me!” She raised her hand, summoning a dark power that moved Levin onto the highly decorated bed. Kole climbed forward, kissing his lips passionately. “I will make you,” she said between ragged breaths.

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