Living My Worst Night-Mare. (Competition Entry.)

Emma Thomas is a quiet, shy and sensitive poor girl. The bullies have got her trapped, she can't escape and with a troubled home life and no friends, how is she going to cope? Little does she know that the popular girl next door, Abigail, is also finding life difficult. Can they ever be friends? Or will they carry on living thier worst night-mares?


4. The Family - Abigail Franks.

Nobody understands.

Everybody assumes that my life is perfect and that I have nothing to worry about. The truth is i'm living my worst night-mare. Everybody thinks that I am free to do what I want when I want but I am not, my evil parents have rules and boundary's. They tell me it is for my own good but honestly, they are just making me into what they want me to be. They buy me everything, from expensive clothes to the latest mobile phone and gadgets but they never think that I might not want them. My personality is different to what people think, nobody knows the true me. People only know me for what I am forced to be.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror, the tears roll down my cheeks. This is not who I want to be. I'm not this girl staring back at myself, I don't want to be girly with barbie blonde hair and make up that makes me look like a plastic doll and i don't want these horrible mini skirts that you could probably call a belt. I hate myself, I can't trust my friends as they are not real friends, soon they will realise how weird I am then they will leave me and I won't have any friends at all.

I am also a bully, I take out my anger on others by bullying them at school because it makes me feel better about myself. I bully some more than others, my main victim is my next door neighbour, Emma Thomas. I've heard that her father and gran dosen't care about her but surely it's better than having control freaks as your parents. I am Jealous of Emma, I envy her, little does she know.

My mother is really mean and tells me that all her descisions are for 'the best.' We have never had the usual mother and daughter relationship that you would expect. My mum took me to ballet lessons when i was just two years old, I was one of them child's that could dance before they could walk. My mother always tells me to make the wrong descisions, when I first started school, she said to me

"Honey, if you don't know the answer to the question, just copy a friend."

"Mum, that is cheating!" I replied.

"Do you want to look stupid and dumb?" my mum asked.

"No, i'm not." I answered.

"Then listen to me and remember mum always knows best" she exclaimed.

I felt like an idiot, my mum knew that I wasn't the brightest girl in the class so she told me to cheat. She wanted me to cheat so that I looked the smartest and so that she could have the brainy girl in the class. My mum has always put pressure on me to do well even if cheating is required but it has always been for her, so she can show me off.

Nobody knows how hard it is to live with my parents. My mother makes the choices and my father just agrees with my mother's opinions. My parents even make me keep to a strict diet all week, my mum said I need to stay in the size 8 boundary. I once slipped into the size 10 clothes so my parents practically starved me and made me do tons of exercise, I decided to never let myself put weight on again because that was plain torture and I never want to have to experience that again.

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