Living My Worst Night-Mare. (Competition Entry.)

Emma Thomas is a quiet, shy and sensitive poor girl. The bullies have got her trapped, she can't escape and with a troubled home life and no friends, how is she going to cope? Little does she know that the popular girl next door, Abigail, is also finding life difficult. Can they ever be friends? Or will they carry on living thier worst night-mares?


2. One Normal Day - Emma Thomas.

Oh no, I have detention after school for being ten minutes late!

"Morning babe, want to go on a date tonight?" Ryan exclaimed in a jokey manour. The class roared with laughter.

"Not in the mood" i nervously answered.

"Okay, catch you later, babe!" Ryan answers. Ryan is the sort of boy that likes a show, he is also a follower not a leader. Ryan is harmless but hes Abigail's little slave, if she said 'jump off a cliff' he would respond with 'how high?' Why does he listen to her? Ryan is completely capable of using his own mind, Abigail is really mean to Ryan, he dosen't see it. While I am considering the reasons that Ryan listens to Abigail in my head Mrs Butchinson (AKA: Mrs Stuck-up bum) interupts me mid-sentence to give me yet another lecture infront of the hysterical class.

"I'm sorry Miss Thomas, I seem to be boring you. Would you like to take over the lesson today? I'm sure it will be much more intresting than doing GCSE revision."

"umm, i'm s-sorry miss" I manage to stutter.

"Well stop the day dreaming, unless you would like to turn out like that so called 'family' of yours." she growls as she turns back to the white-board. I can feel my cheeks burning from embarassment and my blood-shot eyes filling with tears. Inside I am raging, how can she treat somebody like that? If only she lived the life I lead, then she would be sorry. Mrs Butchinson is just like the rest, with her leather jacket, her fancy house, her new sports car and her handsome husband, she's a person that dosen't understand me, just like the rest. There has got to be somebody out there who is going through the same situation as me and would be a loyal friend other than the homeless cat that lives on my street.

I often find myself talking to Lilly the cat, telling her all my worries and problems. I named her after my mum, I don't know why but she just reminds me of my mother even though she is just a cat. This is really silly and babyish but I used to fantasise that my mum had come back as a cat just to look after me. Unluckily he didn't feel the same, when i showed her to him.

He shouted "Get that flee-bag out of my home." Ouch. That hurt me but I ignored him and i still let her in on a night now. I can't understand why he hated her so much.

The lunch bell rings. As usual Mrs Butchinson is the first out of the door and leaves precious Abigail to dismiss the class. I spot Abigail whispering to Ryan and looking over at me. I know that they are plotting something. Abigail is your usual popular girl, pretty, dumb and well known. The teachers think that she is bright but the truth is she copies her way into top set. I remember when I got the blame for copying her as she had copied my English assignment word for word, yet I was in trouble. I didn't dare say anything because she intimidates me.

As I pushed the door open, a tub of red paint came tumbling down on me, I could hear the giggles from behind. the tears have returned and are splashing down my face like a waterfall. I was just walking down the corridor when I wasn't watching where I was going and suddenly trip over a foot. I have had enough, I can not take it anymore, they have pushed me to my limits. I march my way out of the school gates whilst dodging the angry teachers heading my way. I run and I keep running, my body follows the direction of the wind and leads me to the entrance of the woods...

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