Living My Worst Night-Mare. (Competition Entry.)

Emma Thomas is a quiet, shy and sensitive poor girl. The bullies have got her trapped, she can't escape and with a troubled home life and no friends, how is she going to cope? Little does she know that the popular girl next door, Abigail, is also finding life difficult. Can they ever be friends? Or will they carry on living thier worst night-mares?


3. Lonely And Scared- Emma Thomas.

I've reached the woods but my legs keep running, deeper and deeper into the woods. I look back but the fog won't allow me to look further than three tree's down. I lean against a tree to catch my breath. My legs are aching, my body falls into the wild flowers that are crowding aroung me. The flowers sway from side to side as though they are happy to see me, Thier bright and bold colours gleaming in the sun. Something is not right.

The birds! Why are the birds not singing down on me? It dosen't seem right when the birds are not singing, silence, I miss thier prescence. I take a long look at all the trees hovering over my head and pick my bed for the night. I pick one that is quite high to climb but sturdy and strong, the opposite of me, I am clumsy and weak. I climb to a branch that looks comfortable and safe to sleep on and arch my back against the tree trunk. Looking down is quite daunting. I am impressed with my climbing skills today, I wonder if I can make it down tomorrow though.

I lay there, watching the sun go down, waiting for moon light to shine through. I start to re-think my decision of sleeping in the woods. I decide to stay, nobody cares anyway, I bet my father dosen't even notice I am missing, he is too concerned about alcohol. It's depressing and sad thinking that nobody cares and loves you. I have thought about commiting suicide many times, but i always stop myself by thinking that I was born in this world to live it. People are judged too often these days, it's not a fair world. I want a friend and the creed and the colour and the name won't matter, I would be thier friend.

My eyes start to close... I jumped as I opened my eyes, oh no there is a storm. The thunder booms and that's when I know that I have got to get out of the woods before the lightening comes. I scramble down the tree and run, as the sky is pitch black and I don't know where I am, I run in a straight line knowing that eventually it will lead me back to the entrance. When I finally reach the netrance, it feels like I have been running for half an hour when in actual fact I have only been running for approximately three minutes...

I slip through the back door and I was quite suprised to see my dad up at this time.

"Sleep now, Bethany" he says. I look at him confused, where did Bethany come from? I know that he has had too much to drink so I ignore it but still question 'Bethany' in my mind.

"Night father" i respond.

"Y-You got f-fetch me beer now from sh-shop" he demands. My father scares me when he is like this, he can be scary if he dosen't get his own way. I sit him down in the living room and tell him I will get him it. Of course I am not actually going to get him beer, I am going to sit out-side for ten minutes until he drifts off to sleep.

When I return to the house he is asleep, that was lucky, he will forget tomorrow now as the alcohol gives him bad memory. 

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