Living My Worst Night-Mare. (Competition Entry.)

Emma Thomas is a quiet, shy and sensitive poor girl. The bullies have got her trapped, she can't escape and with a troubled home life and no friends, how is she going to cope? Little does she know that the popular girl next door, Abigail, is also finding life difficult. Can they ever be friends? Or will they carry on living thier worst night-mares?


6. Feeling Lonely - Abigail Franks.

I'm fed-up, fed-up of feeling trapped in my own body. I hate myself. I wish my I had different parents, parents that would allow me to express my inner feelings.

I'm grounded, my stupid parents went mad when they found out that I didn't turn up to the date with Joe. I'm fed up of them ruling my life and making all my decisions, my parents have made me into what they want me to be and i'm just not sure I can take it anymore. They are evil, pure evil. I wish I wasn't even living in this world, I feel as though it would be better if I was never born. I would rarther have Emma's dad as my father because he dosen't care what you do so I could express myself and be myself with my own personality.

I spot Emma out of my window, she looks upset, pools of tears streaming down her face. I hope she is okay. I feel sorry for her and I really want her to know that I'm sorry for everything I have done to her. I only bully her to make myself feel better and I know that it is wrong and selfish but I just can't help myself.

I stare at myself in the mirror. That's it, I am changing for good. I wipe my face and apply dark eye-liner to my eyes and put on some old tracksuit bottoms with a black vest. I search in my wardrobe for the black hair dye which I had bought a while ago. I bought the hair dye a year ago but I have never had the guts to actually dye my horrid barbie blonde hair. I am feeling brave today so I decide that today will be the day when I shock everyone. I enter the bathroom and close the door slowly so the door dosen't creek. I apply the dye and wait. It feels like I had been waiting for hours but it had only been twenty minutes...

I look at my new hair, I feel alot better. I go to the back garden to get some fresh hair. When I return to my room, I turn on my laptop and log into facebook... My face and my new hair is staring at me from my laptop screen. Somebody got a picture of me, how? I read the comments while my eyes start to well up with tears. 'OMG, you look so ugly, what have you done you idiot' is just one of the mean messages that I read. Emma got revenge, she had posted the picture, she must have got the image while I was in the back garden. Wait, I didn't know she had a camera or a laptop. I smile, people finally know the real me and I thank who ever got the image as it has saved me showing people.

I look out of my window, in the opposite window staring back is Emma Thomas. She smiles at me as though she understands. I smile back. I need her, I need her to be my friend, somebody I can be with without been looked down on. Maybe we can move on and be friends, I think we would both really like that.

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