Living My Worst Night-Mare. (Competition Entry.)

Emma Thomas is a quiet, shy and sensitive poor girl. The bullies have got her trapped, she can't escape and with a troubled home life and no friends, how is she going to cope? Little does she know that the popular girl next door, Abigail, is also finding life difficult. Can they ever be friends? Or will they carry on living thier worst night-mares?


1. Living Life Alone - Emma Thomas.

Nobody understands.

My life is definetly not the dream life that everybody wants. My life has got worse through the years, I would love to be the girl next door. Abigail Franks, she has the best clothes, a perfect home life, popularity at school, a bedroom, a phone and so much more that she takes for granted which i can only long for. She looks down on me like I am a slug that she is about to step on. Unfortunetly, we are not all lucky like Abigail and some of us know how crewel life can be...

I have had to cope with a lot of troubles in my life but somehow I have managed to get past them all. However, my troubles have made me what I am today, insecure, shy, frightened, no confidence and living differently to others.

My troubles started when i was five years old and my beautiful mother was battling against skin cancer, when she was just starting to get better, she passed away unexpectedly. My mother had always looked after me and braided my hair everyday, made sure I looked nice and spoilt me but now that is gone and when she died life got ten times harder.

My father became alcoholic as he was grieving for my mother. My gran moved into my bedroom so she could take care of me as my father wasn't a responsible parent, but she just left me to my own devices. As my gran had my bedroom I had to sleep on the kitchen floor with some old rags. I had nobody to care for me and nobody to protect me from dangers, I was alone. We were slowly coming down hill as dad didn't have a job therefore we couldn't afford much as we only recieved benefit money for not working. This meant that the house was scruffy and we were scruffy. That's when i started to get bullied at school.

Abigail Franks, she is the popular girl, the girl that everyone dreams to be friends with so it is very unlucky that she dislikes me. Secretly I know that Abigail dosen't like getting in trouble as I can remember in primary school when she nipped Olivia Holk and she cried for a long time and wouldn't stop even though it was just a breif telling off. I figured that's the reason why she tells everybody else to be mean to me by doing things. She isn't really imagintive with her ideas of how to torture me but it just puts me at more pressure with a troubled home life.

I don't know wht she decided to hate me even though I had never done a thing wrong to her, I would know about it if i did with her over protective parents. She bullies others but they get the lighter bullying, maybe once a week but i get it nearly every lesson. She hates me, she really does but i don't know why!

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