Another side to me

Ive been banished to the mortal world but have fallen in love and dont know what to do , Mali will have to come face to face with a heart breaking decision.Hope you enjoy but im only 13 and it is my first on here so it'll probz be bad , feedback please! :p


1. The fall

Chapter 1 - The Fall

Why did I say that ? Now I feel so stupid when god asked heaven or hell.I mean who says , when they're asked that 'I do not wish to choose,may I have more time?'Only now do I realise really how bad it is to be banished from both heaven and hell. Terrible.I have no idea how long the fall will last , no where to go and where I am! Why did I actually care about standing out again ? Oh yeah , thats right , because im a down-right retard of a angel.

Will it hurt when I crash to the ground or will my wings spread in time? Do I even have my wings or have they took ... nope the thin lines on my shoulder blades are still there.They've stripped me of my angeligowns and forced me into itchy cloth called mortal clothes.My necklace locket is my only visible memory of heaven left. Oh yeah , you're probably wondering what im on about.. well lets go back a week when it all started.

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