Another side to me

Ive been banished to the mortal world but have fallen in love and dont know what to do , Mali will have to come face to face with a heart breaking decision.Hope you enjoy but im only 13 and it is my first on here so it'll probz be bad , feedback please! :p


3. The ceremony that changes everything

Chapter 3 - The ceremony that changed everything

"Welcome , angels of heaven , to the 457th chosen ones ceremony" god began.

God and satan were seated in golden thrones on a enormous cloud in the centre of golden-gate square.

"As you all know it all began..."

God had just began telling the story that he had told 456 times before at the exact same ceremonies and to the same bored community over and over again.Mali stood with 6000 other childangels and teenangels , she found it funny how everyone wore the same expression below them :/.A mix of anxiousness and boreness.The little kids tried to pay attention but kept getting bored and waving excitedly to their worried families below in golden-gate square.How Mali envied them.She also worried for them too.They didnt realise that soon they be making a decision that could change their lives forever.For better or for worse.Mali worried that they would make the wrong choice , she forgot that she could face that decision herself.I guess that could be a good thing and a bad thing.God had finished his story time to tune back in because this was when he would announce the chosen ones.This was where her life would change forever.

None of the names of the unfortunate angels did she recognise up until the last one...

"Evie Bride"

There had to be a mistake , not Evie! All Mali could think was not Evie , not my sister it cant be.She still could not believe it,even when her mothers screams and sobs echoed throughout heaven , Mali would'nt have been surprised if the golden gates shook with the noise.It only sunk in when Evie stood up to make her way towards the chosen cloud where the unlucky few stood.

That was when she managed to find her voice to choke out "I'll do it".

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