Another side to me

Ive been banished to the mortal world but have fallen in love and dont know what to do , Mali will have to come face to face with a heart breaking decision.Hope you enjoy but im only 13 and it is my first on here so it'll probz be bad , feedback please! :p


22. Love or Life?

Chapter 23 - Love or Life?

Back down on earth Alex and May were still speechless when a golden light appeared in the middle of the large room.

"Its a signal.From heaven.Why?"She said full of wonder and to be fair this didnt help with their speechlessness.

The light grew bigger until a reasonably sized person could step through it and god and , much to their surprise , satans faces appeared in it and god said to her:

"Mali you have broken the number 1 law,havent been brain washed and if you dont get out of here and come back to heaven soon who knows what could happen?"

"What could happen?"

"More people could find out and our true identity will be world wide!!"

"So you're expecting me to just walk out of this world leaving my best friend,and the boy I..I..I love behind?"

"Well yes this is what the question is to you,Love or life?"




Authors note - Well guys this is the end and dont forget to comment,sequel or not but for now im gonna begin another movella! see ya :)


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