Another side to me

Ive been banished to the mortal world but have fallen in love and dont know what to do , Mali will have to come face to face with a heart breaking decision.Hope you enjoy but im only 13 and it is my first on here so it'll probz be bad , feedback please! :p


6. Am I dreaming? (for Alice <3 )

Chapter six - Am I dreaming?  (for Alice <3 )

So that is how ive ended up being banished.God is normally really a good person but when it comes to decisions like these he ALWAYS lets satan choose.Oh and satans such a little spastic weirdo he decides to banish me and send  me on my way to the mortal world and I have been 'brain-wiped'.It obviously didnt work but I'll let them figure that out themselves..

This fall is going to end soon , im sure of it.Yup , I see odd flashing lights and lots of green below me.10 , 9 , 8... The wind is growing softer because of my angel powers (if we fall or jump we always land softly and on our feet , i suppose like a cat ). 7 , 6 , 5 ... urgh .......... this noise is so bad!!!! 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 ... TOUCHDOWN! Huh , im in a tree . Typical . I jump to the ground and am so dizzy ..

Just as I question myself a voice behind me says :

"Hey there".

Am I dreaming?



Authors note ~ This chapter is for my bff Alice who ive known for 2 years today , i love you alice ! She is also helping me bring this movella into a video for youtube but it is hardwork and no where near finished but thanks again alice , you're the best!

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