Burning Heart

Little wolf Alu loves her forest. She will do anything to defend it even if that means she has to sacrifice herself.

This story is a story I did in year 5 for a competition so I decided to put it on here! Of course I have changed it otherwise it wouldn't be very good. XD

I want to give it 8 chapters because 8 is symmetrical! But I can't think of any more sadly, so I have to stay with the asymmetrical 7 chapters :(


2. Shadow Chase

She was intrigued by the shadow so she chased it until the thought she would drop down dead, when Alu lost sight of it, not knowing where it went, she turned her body to give up on that unknown animal... was it even an animal? I guess she will never find out. But then her ears pricked up. She quickly twisted and launched herself to the shadow, it was too much for her, she had to find it. As Alu scampered through the swaying trees she realised that she was slowing down! Her legs ached, she wanted to stop. But how could she? The shadow suddenly realised that it was being hunted down, it ran faster and faster. It was just about in reach for Alu. She strikes... but misses. Alu tripped over the root of a tree. Laying on the ground was Alu... not dead... not sleeping... but still seeing. She looked up to see what the shadow truly was but to her horror... it was a human!

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