Burning Heart

Little wolf Alu loves her forest. She will do anything to defend it even if that means she has to sacrifice herself.

This story is a story I did in year 5 for a competition so I decided to put it on here! Of course I have changed it otherwise it wouldn't be very good. XD

I want to give it 8 chapters because 8 is symmetrical! But I can't think of any more sadly, so I have to stay with the asymmetrical 7 chapters :(


6. Revenge

Alu was stunned when she saw humans walking, running and sitting all around the place. She soon got used to the stony ground so she went to find a place to rest hoping that humans would see her as just a big dog. She soon found a cold dark alley where there was no scent of a human anywhere, there were metal rubbish bins with flies circling the area and grey and black rats nibbling at an old moldy ham and cheese sandwich. Alu said to herself that it will have to do. She began to lie down but then ... BANG! 

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