Burning Heart

Little wolf Alu loves her forest. She will do anything to defend it even if that means she has to sacrifice herself.

This story is a story I did in year 5 for a competition so I decided to put it on here! Of course I have changed it otherwise it wouldn't be very good. XD

I want to give it 8 chapters because 8 is symmetrical! But I can't think of any more sadly, so I have to stay with the asymmetrical 7 chapters :(


4. Fire!

The fire slowly ate away at the willow tree and it spread through the forest till it would be nothing but ashes. Alu felt like she was being tortured, it burned her heart, but she was not afraid. Alu knew that if she stayed she would be burnt with her forest. She wanted to stay but inside of her a voice whaled "Leave! Leave! Leave your forest before it is too late!" Alu didn't want to but she listened to the voice and she ran and ran while the fire went after her till she found the cave that led to the other world. Alu had never left the forest before so she had to be brave about what she was about to see. Alu took her first step into the gaping pitch black cave. It was full of cobwebs and spiders, but there was a familiar scent in the air that filled her nose, it was the human that burnt down her forest. Alu knew that the human came from the other world. Alu was scared but the voice told her to do this, so she carefully walked on hearing the burning bark crackle and snap behind her. Luckily the fire did not burn down through the cave. Even the fire was too afraid to enter the other world. Rage filled up inside her but she had to control herself. 

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