Burning Heart

Little wolf Alu loves her forest. She will do anything to defend it even if that means she has to sacrifice herself.

This story is a story I did in year 5 for a competition so I decided to put it on here! Of course I have changed it otherwise it wouldn't be very good. XD

I want to give it 8 chapters because 8 is symmetrical! But I can't think of any more sadly, so I have to stay with the asymmetrical 7 chapters :(


7. Alu's Revenge

BANG! Alu was shot in the side, she fell to the ground in pain. Who was it? It was the human! The one that burnt the forest! Her side was dripping with blood, the human laughed in victory! The human reached to pick her up but then, Alu slowly got up with blood dripping down her face. The humans eyes widened in amazement. Alu slowly leaned back whilst baring her razor sharp fangs at him, then she leaped forward facing her claws to him. He fell to the ground with Alu pinned to his chest! He dropped the gun and begged for mercy, Alu did not listen. She looked deep into the humans blue, fearful, suffering eyes. His heart was black, full of wickedness and hate. With one large BITE! The man was dead.

Alu never forgot that moment of death, she just walked on and she knew ... that her life ... would never be the same again.


                                                                                The End 

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