Burning Heart

Little wolf Alu loves her forest. She will do anything to defend it even if that means she has to sacrifice herself.

This story is a story I did in year 5 for a competition so I decided to put it on here! Of course I have changed it otherwise it wouldn't be very good. XD

I want to give it 8 chapters because 8 is symmetrical! But I can't think of any more sadly, so I have to stay with the asymmetrical 7 chapters :(


1. Alu The Wolf

Alu was trotting across a moss covered log, but you could still barely see patches of wood that hadn't yet been consumed by the moss. To the right there was a river, Alu watched as the water trickled across the surface, and how the Sun lit it up. Alu is a Wolf with fur as white as the heavens and eyes as amber as burning fire, her claws shimmer in the golden sunlight. She dipped half of her paw into the water of the river. Alu is the Wolf God unaware of her incredible power. She saw a black shadow running through her forest but it disappeared through the trees.

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