Battle of the Teens.

A school year fond themselves fighting a mysterious man in a black cloak, everyone else is gone and they are fighting for their world and their lives.


1. The Stranger.

My eyes forced themselves open. I had such a hangover, and didn’t actually remember drinking.  I let out a moan and went to rub my eyes, but something was restraining me. I looked to see silver shackles chaining me to the school. “AHHHHH!” I clawed at it hoping it wasn’t real, but it was. “Ashleigh, shut up.” Emma moaned. “Wait... Ashleigh why are you in my room?”“I’m not! We are in the school!”


I looked around noticing we were in the school hall, not just me and Emma, but our whole year. “What do you mean, she tried to sit up but fell onto her side. “Ok what kind of joke is this?” Her right hand was handcuffed to her left leg and her left hand to her right leg. She rolled around trying to get up, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Meatball what you doing?” I turned around to see Frances sitting in the corner, her leg chained to the wall. “How long you been awake?” I shouted to her. “Longer that you Ash, do you remember anything about last night?” I shook my head. “But I have some hangover.”

“Same here.”


There was a loud bell and everyone in the hall jumped out of their skin. There was a lot of cursing as each of them found out they were chained to something or someone, and that they were in school.  “What’s going on?” Morgan called to us. “We don’t know!” Erin shouted back. Then a spotlight hit the stage and a man in a black cloak strutted across into it. Everyone fell silent. “You’re...”  Everyone began to talk again. “Excuse me.”


‘What’s happening?’ ‘Where is everyone?’ ‘Why am I hung-over?’ Were some of the questions that filled the air? “Hello.” The man waved but just got blanked; he cleared his throat in an attempt to get out attention. “YOU LITTLE TROUBLE MAKERS SHUT YOUR BIG GOBS AND LISTEN!!” everyone fell silent. “Finally.” He threw his arms in the air. “Who do you think you are!!!? Telling us to shut up!!! Do you know who we are! We are the kids of Wickers high! So you have no right to tell us to shut it!!!!” A boy called Euan shouted trying to stand up but not succeeding. The whole hall laughed as the stranger got frustrated.


“Who are you!?” Natallia demanded an answer. “I’m your worst nightmare.”  He stood up tall and placed a hand on his chest. “Full of yourself much?” Emma called. “Let me out of these.” She lifted her arms and legs in the air the best she could. “In good time.”


“We will have you done for kidnapping!” Holly shouted, and he laughed. “Now, I am your worst nightmare, I have taken everyone apart from your year group out for a little game.”  

“Oh My God.... You’re.... Justin Bieber!!!” Holly shouted. “What?”

“Well you said you’re my worst nightmare.” The whole hall laughed. “You set yourself up for that one.” I shouted. “I don’t care; now let’s play a little game.” He grinned.


“Ooooooh I like games what is it!!! Please let it be Knots and Crosses.” Ross shouted sarcastically crossing his fingers. “No it’s not...You will see, but it begins now.” The man clapped his hands and the chains vanished and everyone was dressed in green vest tops, dark green shorts and army-style combat boots.


“How did he just do that?” I muttered, everyone seemed to be asking the same. “Now, let the game begin.” He clapped his hands and disappeared, the hall filled with weapons, guns, machetes, bombs you name it. “Ok what is going on? Is he a flamingo dancer?” Morgan asked rubbing her wrists; everyone shook their heads, only Morgan.  “Don’t know, but grab a gun and let’s head to the front of the school.” Everyone grabbed some sort of weapon and headed for the main entrance.

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