Battle of the Teens.

A school year fond themselves fighting a mysterious man in a black cloak, everyone else is gone and they are fighting for their world and their lives.


2. The Arena

Faces filled windows, all looking outside, mesmerised. The landscape had changed; dark red sand whirled around in the light wind. Purple trees stood outside in a clump near the school and some more in the distance. What had happened? Then the land shook and a large gray rock emerged from the ground, standing on top the stranger.


“Welcome to the arena!!” He bellowed.

“What!” Emma roared back. “Welcome to the arena!” He shouted a little bit louder. “Speak up man!” Christopher shouted. The man sighed. “WELCOME TO THE ARENA!!!”

“Oh for crying out loud!!” Emma barged through the doors and marched up towards him. “Get a microphone! What did you say?” He grunted. “Welcome to the arena.”

“That wasn’t even worth coming here.” She turned to leave.


“I will show you.” He muttered and pointed at Emma. There was a flash of light and sizzling noise and Emma’s hair went up. Her hairstyle was now like Frankenstein’s. She slowly turned around. “You did not just do that!” He laughed. “It’s obvious I did.” She got frustrated. “What you gonna do about it?” He raised an eyebrow. “Oh no.” I moaned and Morgan looked at me. “She wouldn’t... would she?”  She asked. “What? What’s she going to do?” Zoe asked slightly confused. “Just watch.” I pointed out the window shaking my head.

“What am I going to do? What am I going to do!!... Well you little brat, I will tell you wha...”

“Oh get on with it!!” Ross shouted from the window. “I’m... Going....To....DANCE!!!”

“And she is going to.” I said to Morgan. “She can’t be serious.” Frances joined me and Morgan in looking embarrassed and entertained.


Emma stared at the man before breaking out into a dance, first it was the Egyptian move only with the hand to her chin, she moved her head like a chicken. For some weird reason music started playing, which made it even more funny and disturbing, even though Emma is a MARVELOUS dancer; it wasn’t the appropriate time to be dancing.


Before we knew it Emma had started the Thriller, with the music to go along and I swear I saw Michel Jacksons ghost moon walk in front of her. “That’s it!” I grabbed Erin, Frances, Morgan and Holly and we barrelled through the doors. “What we doing?” Erin stood next to me. “Just follow my lead.” I told her and rugby tackled Emma. “Grab her!” Holly and Morgan took her legs, Frances and Erin her arms and I stood watching. “Now who are you?”


“I’m yo...” I cut him off. “None of that I’m your worst nightmare and don’t say you will find out, and what do you want! No more of this game rubbish.” With the last word said he vanished. “Oh COME ON!!” I threw my hands in the air. “Get her inside.” I walked beside them. “NO I MUST DANCE!!” Emma thrashed and jerked but it was no use. “You are going inside to sort out whatever is wrong with you.” Morgan firmly explained. “NEVER YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!”


“I believe we are taking you alive.” Frances mocked. “And we are most certainly not taking you dead.” Holly added. “Even though it’s tempting.” Frances thought. “Can we...”

“No!” The three shouted. We reached the school and threw her in, people grabbing her and eventually shoving her in a classroom. “Let me out! I MUST DANCE!!”

“No!!” Ross and Christopher shouted as the barricaded the door until she stopped the dancing nonsense in a time like this.

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