Life's a Rollercoaster

My sister was diagnosed with cancer. My dad's an alcoholic and my mum just doesn't care anymore. So one day, my sister and I, decided enough was enough. They say you only live once, so we went out into the world and enjoyed it...


2. And the drama begins.

Wow. I'm so cosy. For once in a long time, I feel like I'm wrapped in someone's embrace.

Wait, I am.

"Faye, what the hell are you doing in my bed?"

"Mum and dad." There's no need for any explanation. I can clearly hear mum crying downstairs and dad slamming out of the house, obviously angry as he hasn't performed his usual 'Love you, my 3 girls' morning routine. It will be 2 girls soon anyway.

As if on cue, the shrill tone of the alarmingly queen-like telephone floats through our bedroom door. I wait for a few seconds, hoping to hear the scraping of a kitchen chair as mum reluctantly goes to answer the phone. Silence. Apart from the telephone, of course. My annoyance clear, I stomp into the kitchen and yank the phone off the receiver and lift it to my ear.

"Yes?" I say briskly.

"Nice to hear your voice too, Mrs Fountain." It's Darcy. My best friend since Year 3 when she rescued me from the aparators (I got stuck).

"I'm just about to leave for your house. Actually try to be ready for when I get there." "Darcy, I'm not going to school today." "Why?" "Well," I hesitate. It's not exactly good to just throw the news about. "We just received the tests back for Faye. They're positive."

A moment's silence. "I'm sorry." For some reason, I feel angry. "Me too." And with that, I slam the phone back down, angry for no reason.

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