Life's a Rollercoaster

My sister was diagnosed with cancer. My dad's an alcoholic and my mum just doesn't care anymore. So one day, my sister and I, decided enough was enough. They say you only live once, so we went out into the world and enjoyed it...


1. Start living.

"Holly, are you awake?" Faye whispers. "No, weirdo, I'm just talking in my sleep." I grumble back.

"Sorry. I just... I just thought you'd understand." I hear the rustling of her bedclothes as she turns the opposite way.

"What is it?" I sigh.

I can almost hear her grin and she turns towards me again.

"So this whole cancer thing. I'm excited about it."

"What?" How the hell can she be excited about a disease that is going to kill her in 2 months or less?

"I said--" "I know what you said! I just can't believe you'd say something like that!" "Shhh! Mum will hear!"

"Sorry, just, why are you excited, exactly?" I say, lowering my voice.

"Because," She whispers.

"It's now I start living, and you're going to help me."


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