A Hunger Games fan fiction (I know it's a bit late!) about what happens in the games run by the districts for the capitol children as revenge for the Hunger Games. Please tell me what you think!!!


2. The Reaping

There is a podium before us on a high platform, sillhoutted against the skyline. A soft breeze blows through the crowd and anxious whispers rain down. I can't blame them. I'm so terrified, but I don't show my fear. Mum squeezes my shoulder. I know she's trying to comfort me, but it hurts, so I can't help but let out a small squeak. I don't think she heard that. God, I hope she didn't.

Just then, a figure walks up to the podium. I can't really see their features well, but I can see a long plait flapping in the wind. Where have I seen that before? Another figure appears next to her, fair curls billowing. And as the sunlight creeps faster over the plain, I can see everything clearer. Those two figures are none other than Peeta Mellark.... and Katniss Everdeen.

"Good morning," Katniss says. "I'm sure you all know why you are here. Before this day, every year, two children from each district would be selected to compete in the Hunger Games. Now, as the Capitol- YOU- enforced it, we want to get our revenge. Twenty-two canidates will be selected to compete in the Games. And now, the ballot shall begin."

Peeta holds out a top hat, in which there are lots of small pieces of paper.

"Now," Katniss continues. "I'm afraid we couldn't get any of the selective ballot devices from you, so our ballot system is a bit different, but it still works the same way as it did before." She turns to Peeta. "The first name please, Peeta."

Peeta takes out a piece of paper. "Janet Howsorth."

An middle-aged woman staggers up onto the stage.

"Well done, Janet," Katniss says, solemly shaking her hand. "The next name."

"Joe Kids," Peeta says.

"Good, Joe," Katniss says to a young man with long, black hair.

There are more names, which are in this order:


Jacker Leads- a burly man in his thirties

Gin Jones- a sombre-looking woman in her twenties

Adri Simpson- a quiet girl of thirteen

Thrine Kid- a fifteen-year-old boy with fair hair

Hama Smith- an elderly lady

June Sigh- a young woman with brown hair

Kun Fash- a mysterious boy with a long, dark fringe

Rhiannon Gris- a skinny girl of about ten

Bethal Flo- another small, elderly woman

Polly Rain- a middle-aged woman with tiny glasses

Thorn Jid- a scawny boy about my age

Hitt Ramsey- a chubby boy of fourteen

Amelie Fide- another old woman

Kit Dew- an old man

Preem Free- a glamarous young woman

Track Rail- a scruffy teenage boy

Hetty Flie- a dainty woman in her thirties

Jade Cliffton- a red-headed woman in her late twenties

Petra Marfleet- another old woman (poor things)


Finally, there is only one more name left to read out. After this, all the nerves will be gone. Relief sweeps over me like a brush of dignity until I actually hear the last name...

"Velvet Snow."








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