A Hunger Games fan fiction (I know it's a bit late!) about what happens in the games run by the districts for the capitol children as revenge for the Hunger Games. Please tell me what you think!!!


8. The New Guide


It's Adri's voice.

I sit up and gaze into her eyes. I'm in a long, white room- probably First Aid. I groan; there's a sharp jab of pain in my head as I move it. What happened? Then, I remember. Shivers run through me. 

"You cold?' Adri asks.

"No," I say. "I'm fine. Did that really happen?"

Adri blinks. "You mean when Katniss killed Petra?"

I nod. "I didn't mean to slap her, my anger just... it just..."

She pats me on the back. "I know. I know."

I smile. I like Adri- she's one of the only people who really understands me.

"They changed your guide," she says. "You have Petra's guide now- Peeta Mallark. He was the one that stopped Katniss from being your mentor, actually."

I sigh with relief.

"But she'll still be one of the spectators," she says. "She might make life harder for you in the arena."

I nod. Katniss is one of the founders of this Hunger Games tournament. She can't be completely banned from it.

Just then, Peeta Mallark is walking into the room, smiling. He's carrying a basket- I can think I can sense what smells like freshly baked bread. My mouth waters. I didn't realise how hungry I was before.

"You must be Velvet Snow," he says.

"Hello," I say politely.

He opens the basket, showing me a small loaf. "Take it."

I do so and start to eat off the edges. I know it's a bit rude, but I'm starving. 

"Sorry about Katniss," he says. "She can have a rough temper after all she's been through. She's not always like that- trust me. At least you're not President Coin's folk, eh?"

I laugh, and so does Adri.

"I'll go now," she says and leaves us.

"We'll be having archery training in an hour," he says. "It's bad luck that you don't have Katniss still- her archery is amazing."

"I know," I say. I watched her archery work in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. 

"Okay," Peeta says. He dumps some olive-green clothes at the end of my bed. "Put these on." He begins to walk off.

"Wait!" I yell. "Stop!"

He stops.

"This isn't fair," I say. "Petra Marfleet hasn't even had a memorial done or anything. She's been forgotten about completely."

Peeta shrugs. "I'm afraid you'll have to go through that eighteen more times."

Then, he leaves while I munch on my bread slowly in memory of Petra, wishing that it is Katniss' heart.





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