A Hunger Games fan fiction (I know it's a bit late!) about what happens in the games run by the districts for the capitol children as revenge for the Hunger Games. Please tell me what you think!!!


4. The Mockingjay

I'm not taken to meet Katniss yet. Instead, I am taken to a stylist. Her name is Emmie. She too is from the Capitol, so she is on my side. I think I recognise her for a moment, and then I remember: she was my freinds' mother! The thought of her dressing me for the hunger games when we know each other quite well makes me want to shudder, but I don't want Emmie to get suspicious. I sit down in a chair in front of the mirror, studying my features.

"What a pretty girl you are!" Emmie coos.

I'm not very pretty really. She's just being polite. I can't believe I'm with Katniss- the girl who killed my grandfather. Well, she didn't really kill him... more like made him die from shock. She killed her accomplice, President Coin. I don't know exactly how President Snow died, but some say he was trampled to death by charging crowds. I never knew my grandfather well; he was too busy ruling the country. I only saw him on TV and in newspapers. He wasn't like a proper grandfather. 

Emmie wants to give me a mockingjay look. Mockingjay... the symbol that got my grandfather dead. Mockingjay... Katniss Everdeen. Mockingjay.... my guide. Mockingjay... it was meant to be my enemy. But I don't feel anger. All I feel is confusion. Emmie makes me a long, black dress, dotted with sequins. Then, she creates some beautiful, satin wings, which glimmer like jewels in the light. I feel like an angel as I put them on. But I'm no angel- I'm not pretty enough to be an angel.

"Lovely," she breathes. "You can wear it at dinner if you like."

"No thanks," I say, trying to sound polite. She looks disappointed. "Well.... then take it off now. Dinner is starting in ten minutes."

I change back into my usual cotton dress and sit in my carriage for a bit. Five minutes later, there's a knock on my door. Is it dinner already?

No, it's Adri Simpson.

"You're Velvet, right?" she says softly. "President Snow's granddaughter?"

I nod. "And you're Adri."

She nods. "You've got the mockingjay."

"Yes," I say. "And you have Lewis Hucker?"

"Yep," she says. "Random guy from District Four."

I smile. "What's he like?"

"He's a bore," Adri says with a yawn. "Doesn't stop talking. Have you met your guide yet?"

"No, not yet," I say.

There's another knock on the door.

It's Katniss.

"Time for dinner," she says without expression.

Adri and I walk out of the room, the mockingjay's eyes following us like a hawk's.

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