A Hunger Games fan fiction (I know it's a bit late!) about what happens in the games run by the districts for the capitol children as revenge for the Hunger Games. Please tell me what you think!!!


6. Interviews

The train has arrived. We are taken to a large building; this is where we will be staying until the Games begin. Oh, s**t, I almost forgot. This is practically the last place I will live in before I die. Unless I win it, which is unlikely. Before we are taken to our rooms, Katniss tells us that we will be having an interview in an hour and to get dressed into our costumes. She shoots me a glare as I'm led upstairs.

The rooms are not luxurious, not compared to home, anyway. Being the president's grandaughter, I had a nice life back at home. Now, I don't think I'll ever see home again. That thought stings my eyes, but then, Adri comes in. She looks amazing. She's dressed in a long, red dress, dotted with rubies. On top of her head is a glamarous headress coated in scarlet feathers that is so tall she has to bend down to get in. I feel so jealous.

"What's your's like?" she asks.

I reluctantly show her.

"Wow!" she cries. "That looks great! Put it on!"

I slip into the itchy fabric while Adri looks away. When I'm done, she looks back round and gasps. "You look gorgeous!" she breathes, gently fingering the wings. "Jin, my stylist, was hardly even focusing on the dress. He was just talking on and on about Emmie."

"She's my stylist!" I cry. "What did he say about her?"

"Well... I think she's President Coin's daughter," she says.

That hits me like a bullet.

"I didn't know she was even married," I say. "President Coin didn't really seem like she'd been loved before... or maybe that's what broke her spirit. Maybe her loved one died or left her alone. Maybe he betrayed her." I can't believe I'm even rambling on like this to a person I've only known for about a week. "Maybe..."

"Stop," Adri says. "The thing is, why would Katniss choose her for a stylist? They should be enemies."

I was going to ask the same thing about Katniss being my mentor...


Now, I'm waiting backstage. Soon, I'll be interviewed. I'm being interviewed last, of course, since I was the last to be reaped. To make matters worse, Katniss is the interviwer. At the moment, Petra Marfleet is being interviewed...

"Now, Petra, how did you feel when you were reaped?" I hear Katniss say.

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Petra asks.

I hear Katniss give an awkward cough.

"You have a cold?" Petra says. "Don't worry- just have some buttercup syrup. That's what I had when I was a girl." She sighs. "Oh, how the world has changed..."

"Okay, Petra, off you go," Katniss says. 

Petra appears from the side, and looks delighted to see me.

"Oh, don't you look lovely!" she coos.

I glance at her long, black dress. She looks quite young, with her hair dyed to match her dress and heavy make-up. I saunter past her onto the stage. The first thing I notice is a horrible rumbling sound, and Katniss' intense glare through the bright lights. The sound grows bigger and bigger, the light begins to dim, and I realise with shock that...

The crowd is booing me.

"Welcome, Velvet," Katniss says sweetly. Shudders crawl down my spine. "First up: how did you feel being reaped?"

"Awful," I say, forcing the words to rise up my throat, which is clogged with tears. 

"Well," Katniss says. "Shouldn't your rotten grandfather have thought about that before he let his little granddaughter suffer?"

The audience cheers. The strain my throat flows up to my eyes and I start crying. Not with sadness or fear, but with anger and frustration.


Hush fills the stage.

"Is that so?" Katniss says with a sly smile. 

I just nod. I don't know what else to do.

Katniss snorts. "Clueless and stupid, you are."

The audience laugh.

"You are a horrible, rotten pig," I hiss.

Katniss shrugs. "Takes one to know one."

The crowd cheers.

"FINE!" I yell. 'BE THE DISGUSTING PERSON THAT YOU ARE! Wait, you're not even a person... YOU'RE A BEAST!"

"I was about to say that myself," Katniss replies cooly.

And just whoops and chuckles hit my ears like tiny pins, and I feel like my head is on fire. When I look at Katniss, all I see is hatred. Pure hatred. I'm like a bottle top, ready to pop off any minute, any second. Everything is as red as blood, and I wish it were real blood, belonging to Katniss. She's such a f***ing g*t.

"Is Miss Snow angry?" Katniss teases. "Wait, it shouldn't be Miss Snow... Snow is far too cool..."

There's a loud smack.

I've just hit Katniss Everdeen...




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