A Hunger Games fan fiction (I know it's a bit late!) about what happens in the games run by the districts for the capitol children as revenge for the Hunger Games. Please tell me what you think!!!


3. Goodbye Life

 I shudder. Yet that is the only movement I make. It is a while before my weeping mother gently nudges me forward but I can't move, I can't breathe. Yet instead of sympathetic glances and regretful shakes of heads as would be expected if a young girl of 12 was made to fight to the death, there was a lightening in the dank air and sighs of relief. And to my suprise, no, shock, excited giggles and mutters erupted from tthe crowd. I force myself to move. Not because I have to, not for my family, friends, justice or even myself. No. My body ran on anger.


 I storm through the crowd like a bulldozer shoving anyone in my way and gave a steely glare towards Katniss smiling gleefully at the loved one of her worst enemy. If looks could kill... A smug smile lit up her weary face. "Congratulations Miss Snow! Why," Her voice rang like tinkling bells with amusement, "Don't you resemble your grandfather." The final word was spat out of her mouth like venom. I ignored her hand and shaking (with anger I assure you) I took my place on the podium and thought while Peeta rattled on about justice and hope- how ironic!


 It was donkeys years before we were finally ushered into a small room to say goodbye to friends and family before being carted off to our training ground. I was first led down a dank corridor that smelt of smoke then into a cramped room to await my first visit. On the table (if you could call it a table, it was more of a pile of wood) was a clipboard with a crumpled peice of paper pinned to it. On it in smudged ink was as follows:


Jacker Leads- Lydia Green (District 1)

Gin Jones- Tom Frost (District 1)

Adri Simpson- Lewis Hucker (Dirtrict 2)

Thrine Kid- Thibaut Lockerbie (District 2)

Hama Smith- Molly Barret (District 3)

June Sigh- Keeley Western (District 3)

Kun Fash-  Isaac Keddie (District 4)

Rhiannon Gris- Coral Grice (District 4)

Bethal Flo- Sophia Jones (District 5)

Polly Rain- Sean Reeves (District 5)

Thorn Jid- Kade Levett (District 6)

Hitt Ramsey- Brooke Metz (District 6)

Amelie Fide- Leo Vines (District 7)

Kit Dew- Kallum Assini (District 8)

Preem Free- Emily Wilcockson (District 9)

Track Rail- Daisy Haigh (District 10)

Hetty Flie- Harry Perry (District 11)

Jade Cliffton- Edgar Crossley (District 11)

Petra Marfleet- Peeta Mellark (District 12)

Velvet Snow- Katiniss Everdeen (District 12)




  There was a knock at the door, and my mother, followed by my sullen-faced brother crept in. "I'm sorry darling.." My mother whispers before bursting into a torrent of angished tears. Hushing her, I cradle her in my arms for a long time until a gruff voice told us our time was up. My family hastily said there goodbyes and with one final fleeting glance backed out of the crooked door. This was it.


 I always knew it was coming really, although it seems unfair to put me in because of my no good reletives, after all, we don't choose our family. So, deflated, I crept into a corner and curled up into a dreamless sleep. I awoke to a sharp tugging at my shoulder to see (or feel) Katniss practically dragging me by the EAR out of the door. I shove her away and she laughed mirthlessly though I swear her face softened breifly when she saw my tear-stains "Get up already! The train's about to leave." And with that ushered me through the crowded street of torn posters and rubbish rolling like tumbleweed, onto a sleek black train.


 In one glance I saw 19 other people (I was the last) staring folornly out of the grimy windows. I watched my breath mist the blurry glass as the train pulled off, saw my family for probably the last time.


Goodbye Mummy.


Goodbye Home.


Goodbye life...

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