Black midnight

Black midnight is a society of shape-shifters. They all stick together, but when Kellan; half-panther, half- 17 year old boy, falls for a human, everything is breaking the rules.


2. New life, new school



It all happened last year. I had ran away from hom,e because I hated my parents. They were cruel to me and acted like they shouldn't have created me. It was like I was a let down. So, I was lost on the streets. Until I met a boy about my age, Dew Jonson. He asked me if I wanted to turn my life around and I agreed. It was the worst decision of my life. I will always regret it. No one should choose to be what I am.

I am a shape-shifter. I'm half-panther and half-17 year old boy. There are others like me- so we started a group. Black midnight. We have meetings where we can express ourselves and be what we are. The only problem about being like me is that it is like you are living two lives. We have to go to school and act like any other normal teenages would. But we have to hunt. They only way to survive as a shape-shifter is to suck the life-essece out of inoccent people. Inoccent humans.



It was monday again. School. I woke and looked at my bedside clock, 8:57. I was going to be late, for my first day at a new school. We had just moved to England, when I changed; so I was still there. I hadn't gone to school in a while so I decide to start over at a new school.

I quickly got out of bed and stumbled down the stairs. I grabbed a piece of unbuttered toast and tripped my way back up to the top of the landing. I raced down the hall, past Dew's room, past Kellie's too and into the bathroom. I got my self sorted out and speedily climed out of my PJ's and into something more appropriate- the school had no uniform code so I dressed in a way in which I would not stand out to much. I then rushed out of the door. I followed some girls to the school gates and then I found reception.

I as I walked in, I wasgreeted by the freindly smile of an ageing woman with greying hair. "Hi dear, are you looking for something" She said in a questioning tone. "Yeah, um- I'm new could I have my timetable" "What's your name" "Kellan" I replied. The lady handed me my timetable and I muttered a 'Thank you'. Then, I quickly slipped out of the door, into the carpark and towards building 4a- where my first lesson was held.

I walked into the biology class room and everyone turned to look at me. I t was always like this at a new school. I had been through this experience more-than-enough times and I hated it.

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