The Lighthouse

Four best friends go on a terrifying journey to a deserted island called ‘Hells Teeth Island’. They are there to try and prove that the horror stories that have been told about the Lighthouse on the Island are untrue. But are they?



It was pitch black, the room smelt musty and there was dust everywhere, I was desperately trying not to sneeze. I took the batteries out of the walkie-talkie so that he couldn’t find me.  It was completely silent; I couldn’t hear Timmy or Danny. They can’t be gone, they’re my best friends, they just can’t be. Maybe this was all a big joke, a trick? But that spark of hope was quickly put out, they wouldn’t do this to me. Just then I heard sobbing, it was coming from the other side of the room. At first it was soft but it began to get louder. It sounded like Rose. But Rose was gone. I shone the flashlight in the direction of the noise and there was a girl with blonde hair and wearing the same camouflage outfit I was wearing.

As the light hit her she looked up, her face was streaked with tears and she looked terrified. It was Rose, I crept towards her, puzzled, I had seen her body, seen the lifeless gaze, the blood, the torn out throat. As I reached her, I noticed something was off about her, she looked very pale, almost translucent and her eyes had a yellow tint to them. I reached out a hand, despite my instincts that something was wrong. There was an almost hungry look in her eyes, like she was willing me to touch her. Mesmerised and getting closer my hand reached out further and just as I was about to make contact I heard Timmy yell

“Raz DON’T!”

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