The Lighthouse

Four best friends go on a terrifying journey to a deserted island called ‘Hells Teeth Island’. They are there to try and prove that the horror stories that have been told about the Lighthouse on the Island are untrue. But are they?



“Rose! Rose! Rose where are you?”

My flashlight flickered back on and I looked around but Rose was gone. I felt something at my feet and looked down, Rose’s body lay limp and lifeless at my feet, blood pouring from her ripped out throat. He eyes stared at the ceiling; she looked almost as if she was daydreaming. I let out a whimper and found that my eyes were filling up. I forced myself to look away and my eyes found the shadowy figure again, a wide, menacing grin was displayed on his face, flashing his red stained teeth. His eyes glowed bright yellow and they burned straight through me. It was like he had absorbed her soul, his eyes were starting to shine brighter as he was looking at me, a greedy look was written all over his evil face.

I ran, straight up the spiralling staircase, his laughter followed me all the way to the peeling light blue door, which I opened and entered, huddling in a corner. Those images were burned into my brain, Rose was dead, and I would be next.

The walkie-talkies crackled softly,

“Raz? Rose? What was that?”

“Timmy? Rrrrose is dead”

“What no she’s not, she’s here-Dan…” He tried to yell Danny’s name but was cut off, the terror was clear in his voice. The walkie-talkie went dead and white noise was all that remained.

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