The Lighthouse

Four best friends go on a terrifying journey to a deserted island called ‘Hells Teeth Island’. They are there to try and prove that the horror stories that have been told about the Lighthouse on the Island are untrue. But are they?



I turned around just as I was rugby tackled into the brittle walls. The wind was knocked out of my lungs and I heard an outraged cry that was coming from Rose. It sounded like her, but it didn’t, it was distorted, there was no happiness, no hope or kindness it was filled with hate and anger.

Timmy’s face was full of fear and sadness and it matched his tone of voice

“You can’t touch her”

“What, why not? It’s Rose” I was confused, I felt dazed and disorientated. What had just happened? Just then Danny appeared next to Rose. I had to do a double take, he literally just appeared.

“Danny touched her and he died, it was like his soul was being ripped out of his body, he was screaming and twitching and then he just went limp.”

We were backing away from the two of them. I could see now that they both had the almost translucent skin and yellow tinted eyes. An image flashed in front of my eyes, the man, with his bright, glowing yellow eyes and menacing grin. Their faces became distorted slightly, and then a similar grin spread across their faces. They looked evil. Three more kids appeared behind them all with the same skin, eyes and smiles. Their eyes were blazing with hunger and it sent a chill down my spine that made me shiver violently. They began approaching us, almost gliding across the rotting wooden floor, not making a sound.

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