The Lighthouse

Four best friends go on a terrifying journey to a deserted island called ‘Hells Teeth Island’. They are there to try and prove that the horror stories that have been told about the Lighthouse on the Island are untrue. But are they?



You can see it at night, the bright light flashes as if it’s searching for something; the lighthouse. It’s supposed to be haunted; allegedly three teenagers, about my age-13-, decided to go into the lighthouse. Their bodies were found later that week, bobbing up and down in the sea, the sea gulls pecking at their rotting flesh. Nice image I know. But that was 10 years ago and was obviously a rumour to stop kids from going to the lighthouse.

I wasn’t scared and I certainly wasn’t a kid. I’m a teenager and I deserve to be treated like one. Why do adults insist on lying to us? Talking down to us? It was just patronising. I am staring at the lighthouse now, thinking of a plan. I would prove my parents wrong about the lighthouse, they’ll see. Its pitch black outside, about 1am and I can see the lighthouse clearly from my bedroom window. The light was flashing, scanning the area around the Island like an alien probe. Harmless.

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