The Lighthouse

Four best friends go on a terrifying journey to a deserted island called ‘Hells Teeth Island’. They are there to try and prove that the horror stories that have been told about the Lighthouse on the Island are untrue. But are they?



By 12:00am my mum and dad were asleep, so Rose and I were able to sneak out of the house to the meeting point: the docks.

Timmy and Danny appeared about 10 minutes later, red faced and out of breath

“Dad didn’t wanna go to sleep” Timmy explained apologetically

We all took a deep breath then and stared at the lighthouse in the near distance. The boat was a little further down the docks and we had to be very quiet reaching it. I knew for a fact that some of the men in the village liked to sleep on their boats at night sometimes. We could only hope that tonight wasn’t one of those nights. Every wooden panel in the dock creaked as we crept silently towards the glossy white speed boat. No one had emerged so we climbed aboard ‘The Saviour’ as my dad called it. I put the shiny silver key in the ignition and turned slowly, willing the boat engine to not make too much noise. Dad had taught me over the summer holidays how to drive it, but I knew from experience it could be unreliable.

20 minutes later we had made it to shore on ‘Hells Teeth Island’ as it was famously known because of all of the jagged rocks that dotted around the front of the island. I tied the boat up to the shaky docks near the lighthouse and we silently made our way towards the lighthouse; exchanging an apprehensive look as we edged closer.

The lighthouse loomed and was getting closer with each step we took; it was white with peeling paint and had an extremely abandoned look to it. The door was nearly double the size of me, with a strangely new looking brass knocker on the front. This was exceptionally bizarre in contrast to the rest of the lighthouse. Who would put a new knocker on the door and why? There were rusted chains and locks everywhere on the uneven ground. When I looked around at my friends I could see that they thought it was strange too.

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