The Moment I Meet You

I couldn't just move on like you guys did. But at the moment I meet you, there was a change.
You helped me open my eyes and to move on. I saw saw that my friends and family was waiting for this moment. And its all because of you. Thank you for helping me through the rough time.


1. Flashback

Everything is so unrealistic. I dont believe what happened. If I could just had helped her, i would do that. I dont want to live this live any longer. Everyone is so sad and every day is so dark and grey. Depressing. Flashback I went happy up to the hospital to see my lillesister. She is almost eight years old and is a huuuge fan of Justin Bieber. But her life havn't been easy at all. Every month there is a doctor who has to check and very often there is a medication the nurses think will make her stay with us even longer. My littlesister has cancer. And I keep telling myself that she'll make it and grow old and now im believing it.  But I have some great new to her. I signed up for a contest where you could win backstagepas to Justin Biebers concert, and I won that to her.  When I almost got into the room I got a call from my mom. She told me I really had to come to the hospital as soon as possible. I replied that I was there in two minutes and hurried up. When I got there everyone looked so sad. I remember the words from the mom so clearly. "There is no more they can do, she has a couple of days left"  As I heard those words my world fell apart. Everything became black and I was so... so sad. I remember that I spend the days on the hospital with her. We watched soccer in TV, saw Justin Bieber live in TV and I really enjoyed every moment with her. Cuz I knew the it was the last moments with her.  My littlesisters name is Miah by the way. Miah knew what was going to happen, and she wasn't afraid. She wuld just that we wouldn't be sad. That was the hardest thing.  Now, I wont see her grow up, how unfair is that? Why is god doing this to us. Miah means the world to me and I dont know what im gonna do whens she not here anymore.  Today I could fell something I didn't know what. I was just so sad that ever. The weather was also dark and rainy. My mom telling me that the nurses saying she wont have more than an hour left. I break apart again. Second time on so short time. Its just unfair. I took her hand and cried. Miah told me not to but I was so sad. I couldn't help it.  me: "We all love you Miah" She just smiled and kissed my hand Then, she passed away. Everyone was crying and the heaven did too. End of flashback Its a month ago she died. I havn't moved on. I haven't been studying. I havn't been doing anything. Im still so sad as I was the day she left. Everyday I think of it and bust into tears. I cant even talk about. My family is doing better. At least they smile and talk about it. They are scared that I will take a lot of time before I will move on. I just love her so much and I will do everything to get her back. I know I have to tell you guys about my self and I'll do that.  My name is Holly Jakeson But my friends and family calling me Holly Jay I am 16 years old I live in Canada and i loving it here I love school and everything about it I find it hard to trust people I have three really close friends: Lilly, Amber, Liam. I really love them! My littlesister Miah was the best person ever. I had such a great relationshit with her and we'd just really bonded.  This is me by the way: [weheartit] And I'll see you soon (-:

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