The Moment I Meet You

I couldn't just move on like you guys did. But at the moment I meet you, there was a change.
You helped me open my eyes and to move on. I saw saw that my friends and family was waiting for this moment. And its all because of you. Thank you for helping me through the rough time.


2. Backstage with JB

Its been a moth since my world broke apart. Since i'd been happy. Since i go out with my friends. Since I lost my only sister.  But today I was doing something. Remember when I won the backstage passes for Miah? Yeah, my mom said I should go and meet Justin. Most to try to come out a little. So yeah. I know I should be happy to meet Justin Bieber. I mean, come on he's Justin Bieber. But I just fell like im empty without Miah. She is the missing piece. But im gonna try to have some fun. I heard my phone buzz from the bed. I went over and looked. I looked at the display and answered. me: "Hi Lilly" Lilly: "Hi sweetie. Whats up?" me: "I fell like im loosing myself. Im just so sad. I miss her soo much!" Lilly: "Awh Holly Jay! Im so sorry. I really am! If i could do anything. I would totally do that!" me: "Thank you for the support. Maybe you wanna come over tonight?" Lilly: "Your welcome. And yeah, I'll come over! Have fun meeting Justin Bieber btw." me: "Okay. And I'll try. I have to go now. See you tonight" Lilly: "Okay. See you. Love you, really! I do" me: "I really love you too!" I hungup and got dressed. Mom said we could eat at Burger King before I was going for that backstage.  At Burger King Mom: "I hope you enjoy the time your out." me: "I try mom. I really do!" mom: "Great honey." me: "Lilly is coming over tonight also." mom: "Awh, Thats great!" me: "Yeah .." We got our food and began to eat. me: "I just hope everyday i wake up that it is all a stupid dream." mom: "I do too sweetheart. And I know its heard. But Miah is a better place now" me: "Yes she is. But i fell so sorry for that she didn't grew up and got a family. mom: "You should not fell sorry honey. And yes its sad. But you need to know that if she was here now, she would be in pain and..-" I cut her off me: "I cant talk about this now mom." She smiled mom: "Okay. Should we go?" me: "Yeah.." We wen out to the car and drived in 20 minutes. When we arrived we got out and I said goodbye to mom.  I got inside and of course. I was the last one in the queue - those fans were smart to come earlier huh? So I was stood there for 25 minutes and finally. It was my turn.  I was the very last girl.  He smiled big when I saw him. JB: "Hey. Whats your name?" me: "Im Holly." JB: "Hi Holly. Nice to meet you." me: "Y-ou too" His smile did something to me. Like it... It made me smile. Woah, I haven't smiled in like forever! JB: "So your not a big fan, you dont seem fangirling?" me: "Well no. Actually, I won the tickets for my littlesister" JB: "Oh so she is a fan?" me: "She was a fan" Justin: "Was?" me: "Yeah she. Um, she is not here" Justin: "But, where then?" Shit. How did I do this. It was so hard! He suddenly got biig eyes. Justin: "OH! Im so sorry to hear!" me: "Its okay." Justin: "Do you want to talk about it?" I felt confortable talking to him. Actually I didn't want to leave and I wanted him to know her, my littlesister, Miah. I nodded. Justin went over to some men and came quickly back. Justin: "Is it okay if we sit in here?" I pointed in a room me: "Okay" I smiled a little.

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