You've got that one thing!(one direction fanfic)

Emily Star is the youngest child in the famous Star family! She has everything she ever wanted, she meets all the famous celebs, is talented in surfing and dance not forgetting she has an amazing voice! But one day her dad(who works in the music business) announces that one direction are staying at their house for 2 months while they are in LA! What will happen when 3 of the boys like her even when she has her own boyfriend! Read to find out!


2. Austin!

Emily's POV

I feel bad about lieing to dad about meeting austin because we split up ages ago but day really liked him so i wanted to keep him happy. I walked down to the beach to meet maddie.

"Hey Em," maddie said


"Are we going back to my house to get ready for the party?" she questioned


We walked back to Maddie house talking about one direction staying at my house. When we go there i saw my bag in her room that i gave to her for today. I got into my black hotpants and Pink Hyde Park Shirt from ark in England. I curled my hair in a messy style put some bright pink lipstick on and went to find Maddie. I saw her in her Black Busty Dress also from ark in England she had some super high court heels on like me but hers were blue like her clutch bag mine were light pink.

"Looking hot Em," maddie said

"So are you,"

"I know, give me your phone i will put it in my bag," we walked back to my house which was just down the street. Then we walked in the door!


Zayn's POV

We were told by Ryan that Emily was having a party and we were invited so we were just waiting in the kitchen. Then Emily walked in she looked hot and not just normal hot i mean H-O-T hot plus her top was abit see through so i saw her lace bra and her hotpants were  showing her long legs not forgeting abit of her arse.

"Hey guys," she said

"hey," we all said at different times

We all started to talk in little groups she was flirting with harry but i couldnt keep my eyes off her not just because of her looks it was something about her personality and im gonna find out what it is!

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