You've got that one thing!(one direction fanfic)

Emily Star is the youngest child in the famous Star family! She has everything she ever wanted, she meets all the famous celebs, is talented in surfing and dance not forgetting she has an amazing voice! But one day her dad(who works in the music business) announces that one direction are staying at their house for 2 months while they are in LA! What will happen when 3 of the boys like her even when she has her own boyfriend! Read to find out!


1. Meeting them!

Emily's POV

I sat up right in my bed looking forward to another uneventful day at the beach, then i heard a knock at my door and before i answered they came in. It was Tiffany(my older sister) she walked straight in and sat on the end of my bed!

"Guess whos coming to stay here!" she commanded

"Does this really affect my life in anyway?" I questioned

"Wrong answer, one direction are coming to stay," she told me



"Fine, get out Im gonna get ready to go out for a surf,"

After that Tiffany hugged me and left. I got up and went about finding my phone, I found it next to my mirror. I unlocked it and checked my twitter mentions.

"Shit," i whispered to myself


So happy to be staying with @EmilyStar for 2months! She is really fit! Plus Im a big fan of her music too!

This just makes things alkward doesnt it! I quickly scrolled through the rest nothing interesting just nice fan tweets, then I saw a tweet from Frankie(my bestfriend)


@EmilyStar are you coming for a surf today and btw I heard the news! <3

I tweeted back:


@FrankieTheLegand Yeah I will come out! <3

I threw my phone on my bed and went for a shower. When I came out the shower i left my hair wet as it was going to get wet when i went surfing. I got into my jack wills bikin I got in london, i slipped a mtv top and some denim hotpants. I grabed my bag, phone and a towel. I walked down the stairs to see my brother(Ryan), my sister(Tiffany) and my dad(Tony).

"Hey Em," Ryan shouted

"Im right here ryan dont shout" i said

"ok" he whispered

"Are you coming to surf Ry" i asked him

" Yeah i just need to get a towel" he told me

" Meet you in the car," i told him


I ran outside to see Frankie walking up to my house,

" Hey Frankie," i shouted

"O hey Em," she yelled back and she started to run towards me.

I gave her a big hug and we walked to my new range rover. Ryan came out the house then and gave Frankie a hug too. Then I threw my bag in the back were Ryan was sat and got in the driver seat and drove to the beach raving to Party in the Usa.


When we got there I grabed my bag and got my surf board from the trunk because i had left in there yesturday. I ran to the beach left my bag and clothes with Ryan because he wasnt surfing. i surfed for about 1 hour then sat on the beach with Ryan and Frankie talking about the most random stuff! A few of my fans came up and asked for photos and autographs! Then i went back to the car and drove to a dunkin donuts got three coffees and some donuts and drove back to the house to get dressed for the day! When we got home Ryan disappeared to go see his friends. Frankie went home because she was going to see some family today, leaving me alone! i walked into my room and dropped my bag in my room and walked into my walk in wardrobe, grab some peace sign leggings and a long sleavless peach coloured shirt with a studded collar! I left my hair down because it was wavy and had dried. i put a small bit a makeup on then walked downstairs. As soon as i got down I saw my dad and 5 boys(that looked like one direction) then it hit me they were one direction.

" Hey Dad" i said

"Hey this is one direction Em,"

"Hi Im Harry," the curly haired one said with a wink

"Hey im Niall," the blonde one said, he had an irish accent omg love the irish

"Hey Im Zayn," the tanned one said he looked like he was a model( i mean they are all fit but he was really fit)

"Hey Im Louis, me and liam meet you once at your london gig backstage,"

"I remember you two, good to see you again," i said

"hey im liam by the way,"

"Hey guys,"

i turned to my dad, "Dad i need to go see Austin, I will be back later,"

"okay," he said

"bye guys nice meeting you,"  


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