Wolf's Whisper

A cold breath crept down my back. My mind must be playing tricks on me, there's nothing there. Or is my mind tricking me into thinking it isn't there?


7. Thoughts

Bright sunlight handed me back into the conscious world. I had to shield my eyes from the direct sunlight. Okay, no more sleeping or passing out, I keep missing everything. I mean, like now, I'm in the middle of a forest... What the Hell is going on!? I sat up, and began scanning the area around me, which seemed quite pleasant actually. I was laying next to a silver stream, which slithered in the middle of a dense forest. But in which county, or in fact which country, I don't have a clue. The winter breeze wasn't bitter here, a little cold, but soothing. Leaves tackled each other in the breeze, while branches gently swayed in agreement that nothing needed to be changed. Even nature is against each other some times, even the same thing can be in disagreement with another. Like the mind and the heart, classic.


“You feeling better?” I reacted drastically, I grabbed a stick which laid nearby. But then recalled who it was, it was my Doctor. But his name still remained a mystery, a question I haven't yet asked.
“Yes actually, thank you.” This was true, I didn't feel nauseous anymore. A little dizzy and dazed from the sunlight. But I'll live, probably. I looked up at the sky, searching for the Sun. But it was no where to be seen. But the sky wasn't it's typical white though, it was a sunset orange. The slithering stream glowed like liquid gold in the sun's rays, as did the whole forest. Everything in this light was beautiful, even the small pebbles that bathed in the Sun by the riverbank.


I spun around, I could sense something. This is a new sensation to me, it's like a talon, clawing my back. Shedding me of my paper like skin. The Doctor all of a sudden stood from the large rock he was settled upon, and laboured himself back to the car. He slammed the door shut behind him.
“Get in!” he screamed. I didn't delay a second. I pegged it to the door, scratched at it, trying to find the handle. I blew it open, accidentally hitting my upper arm. But didn't have the time to think other than get in the car as fast as I could. Not even a second after I was in, the Doctor slammed his foot down on the exhaust. Sending my door flying into the frame.


“I knew it! I knew he'd send it after us!” he shouted. I wasn't sure if it was aimed at me or not, but I simply sat there. Trying to make myself smaller, he's starting to scaring me now.
“Who's he? And send what after us?!” I almost screamed back. My hearing fuzzed out since the impact of the door, for all I knew, I could be shrieking at the top of my voice.
He, is after us. And he's sent his friend after us, bloody hell. Would of thought the blundering thing would of died long ago after eating nothing but Human flesh for decades.” WHOA! What!
“What are you talking about? I have the right to know, and right now.” I crossed my arms like a child not getting what they wanted.


“I'm not supposed to tell you, all I've been told to do it get you back to Vigilatum!” he almost screeched back. Alarm bells went off, hitting my head rapidly, giving me a migraine. I clasped my head in frustration and pain. Why is this happening? Hair began to gather into bunched in my fists. Realising this, I lightened my grip. Letting my arms fall to my side.
“Is Vigilatum that place you spoke of before? The place near Greece?” He simply nodded, and licked his dry, stale lips. I collapsed into the double seat, and stared at the boring, but not lifeless car roof. A spider crawled across the grey, solid material. The web I spotted earlier must be it's home, or it could be coincidence. It's small, fragile body held firm against the pair of windows open both side of it. I never much cared for spiders and bugs, normally I would squeal if I saw one. But this time, I wasn't at all bothered by the little thing.


I looked down to my rough pale hands. I ran my index finger down each of the other fingers on the other hand. Leaving a weird, but good sensation running in my palms and through my veins. I shivered. I switched hands, and did the same. I wasn't quite sure why I was doing this, but I was. So I might as well just do it. Not like I've got much else to do anyway, except look out the window. Even if it was beauty, I wasn't much in the mood to look upon it.


My thoughts suddenly redirected to Annabel. What happened to her? Did the Doctor just abduct me from under her nose? Or did she know? Her knowing this information is highly unlikely, and even if someone did tell her, she wouldn't believe it. I know Annabel very well, and she isn't one to believe a mere strange. Let alone trust them. Several theories twirled around in my mind, I have two in mind at this point in time. Either she knew him, and trusted him, doubt it. Or he gave her some of that stuff he gave me, and knocked her out. If he did, I am not going to be happy! I didn't dare even think about asking him any more questions, he's got enough on his mind at the moment. I think. I gave up with thinking, and settled into the awkward car seat. And slept again, not even bothered about what I said earlier. I don't feel anything at the moment Just concerned and dazed.

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