Wolf's Whisper

A cold breath crept down my back. My mind must be playing tricks on me, there's nothing there. Or is my mind tricking me into thinking it isn't there?


4. The Doctor

“Erica?” a familiar but distant voice spoke. My head was amazingly not smashed in two. I fluttered my eyes open, expecting to still be on the bathroom floor. I was back on my bed, covers pulled up to my neck. I was boiling. Automatically when someone's ill, you instantly try to keep them warm, probably Human instinct. Things around me weren't clear, just blurs and shapes I can hardly recognise. Even colours seemed to change into sickly shades of what they were before, I think. Even thought my vision was completely useless, I think I know who was there. “Annabel?” I asked, just checking that my hearing wasn't broken too. My hand suddenly was seized in warmth and comforting soft skin.


“I'm here Erica, don't worry. Leave the worrying to me. I found you in the bathroom at 4am when I woke from the thunder.” I was probably awake long before 4am, I'm going to guess 1am. I groaned, my head might not be in pieces, but it hurts like Hell. I felt like I was half unconscious and half asleep, not quite registered as awake or alive. Annabel's grip on my hand tightened suddenly, startling me. “I've called a doctor, he said he'd be here at 1pm.” She lifted her arm to check the time,“It's 12:47, he should be here in no time. Do you want anything. A drink? Something to eat?” Annabel has always been fussy over me, but not overly fussy, necessarily fussy. Kind of like a parent that gives you some freedom. I nodded weakly, then realising that my neck is stiff and now hurts. She patted my hand, “Okay. I'll be back in a few minutes.” She raised herself off my bed and left swiftly without another word.


I suddenly remembered, I'm missing the last day of school. I blank, then celebrated to myself. Yes! Finally I'm not a child, I'm an adult. I can get a job when I get my exam results come in the post soon enough. I sunk into my pillow, and stretched my legs. My bed felt more comfortable than usual. Like the duvet was thicker, fluffier or something. I suddenly have the urge to read. I turned to the side-table settled upon by a lamp with a now dim light bulb. My book wasn't there, damn it, must be in my bag. I scanned around the floor, and spotted the blue canvas bag on the other side of the room. Great! Ugh too much effort, I already feel like I'm going to faint.


The doorbell chimed, startling me, almost making me fall out of bed as I began to pull myself off steadily. “I'll be just a second,” Annabel called. 1:00pm, they were right on the dot. I laughed at the idea, must be a coincidence. Unless the sat outside for five minutes making sure they weren't a minute early or late, now that would be sad. I heard quick rushing up the stairs, also mumbling following. I couldn't quite make out what she was saying. She promptly opened the door, set the cup and the plate on the side-table and left just as fast. I blunk rapidly, adjusting to the sudden change I my room. I examined the plate and cup. There were cheese and crackers, the classic thing I'm given when I'm ill. The cup to my pleasant surprise wasn't water, but orange juice. I smiled. Ah, I do love the smell of oranges in the morning. I gulped a mouthful before I heard Annabel open the door.


Thank you for coming on such short notice,” I heard her clearly say. Luckily she left the door open, now I can hear what's going on. “The pleasure is all mine. I don't get many calls on the last day of the school year at 7am.” I could hear it was a man, but the age I wasn't so sure. I'm going to guess a trainee or something. Around 25? Somewhere around that. I settled the cup down, and glared at the door as if it was talking about me or it was holding a knife. I'm still confused why I got so ill so suddenly, what was it. A bug? Bad food? Weather? Whatever it was, I'm glad it did get me, I got out of school. I snuggled under the duvet, it almost completely over my head. I heard their voices come closer, but I wasn't listening, I wasn't concerned. After all, he's professional.


The door finally opened, and in came Annabel. An old man, with pale blue eyes then stepped in. His eyes, they looked so young but yet wise. His white hair has grown to just below his year, and as for his beard. That came to about half way down his chest. His wrinkly skin hung of his throat like wet washing. He stepped over me, analyzing me like a piece of bad meat. Looking at me in disgust, or was it sympathy? I don't know. But by the looks of the paleness in Annabel's skin, this was no normal sickness.

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