Wolf's Whisper

A cold breath crept down my back. My mind must be playing tricks on me, there's nothing there. Or is my mind tricking me into thinking it isn't there?


3. Sickness


Thunder shattered the airy silent song that kept me soundly asleep. Annoyed I groaned to myself, I knew it wouldn't make a difference to anything, but still I did it. It was then I heard a strange noise, which I've never heard before. I sort of sounded like a squealing rat, but not as high pitched. This was pushed to the back of my mind when my stomach groaned loudly. I ate earlier, so I can't be hungry. It was then that I had to dash to the bathroom before I threw up on my floor. I didn't even bother to slam the door shut behind me, people would be able to hear me chuck up even with the door open.


I coughed and spluttered the alarming substance out of my body. I choked on my own tongue, I swear I was going to die. The toilet has never looked more foul in all my time here, looking at it made me throw up even more. My right hand held back my hair, and the other was pushing up against the toilet seat, I felt so weak. My head started spinning, while my knees quaked under the pressure of being attack physically. Tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes, I wasn't in pain. Just losing all my energy, slowly getting weaker, it's defeating me. I kept going over what could cause me to be this afflicted so quickly. I haven't eaten anything strange lately, just the usual microwave meals in secret so people don't scold me on my health. Unless that's what it is. My stomach telling me to eat something proper, not so unhealthy. My knees finally gave in, and my head sit the side of the toilet before hitting the floor.

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