Wolf's Whisper

A cold breath crept down my back. My mind must be playing tricks on me, there's nothing there. Or is my mind tricking me into thinking it isn't there?


6. Confusion

When my eyes flicked opened, I was in a car. Laying across two back seats, I sat up in shock. But that achieve nothing but hitting my head on the surprising low roof. “Ow! Bloody hell,” I almost shouted. I didn't care much for language, like they say, 'express how you feel.' I looked around the interior of the car whilst rubbing my pounding head. I couldn't tell what kind of car it is, all I know is that it's an old car, also that it hasn't been cleaned in years. Dust of many layers has settled, along with the occasion cobweb clinging in the corner. It was then I noticed that my Doctor was driving this old banged up car. He didn't realised that I was awake now, unless he was ignoring me, that's probable.


I turned myself the right way round, and looked out the front window. Where are we? Also, where are we going? He glanced back to me, but resumed his view of the road moments afterwards. “Before you say a word, knocking you out was necessary.” His tone wasn't annoyed, nor sympathetic. It was unreadable, to my ears anyway. Why would he of had to knock me out anyway? If it was a matter of life or death, I would of came easy. It's not like I could of held up a fight in the condition I'm in. My head started to spin in circles again, making me dizzy and confused. The silence seem to linger on for hours. I just sat there, staring blankly out the window. Not even trying to work out where I was or was going. I didn't recognise anything anyway, unless it's just my mind playing tricks on me.


“Where are we going?” saying out of the blue. Anything is better than an awkward silence. Considering he did abduct me and drug me, you'd think I would be mad at him. But I'm too weak to be angry or to argue. I'm normally a good arguer, but not today. People tell me I should be a politician, saying that I could easily argue my way up to being Prime Minister, doubt it. “Greece,” he announced. My eyes grew wide in disbelief and astonishment. “I'm sorry, but did you say Greece?” I leant forward, trying to hear if it was just my hearing failing me. He didn't take his eyes off the road, as if he was glued to it. “Why are you apologising, you heard correctly. But it isn't actually Greece, but it's pretty much the same distance.” His hands began gesturing, as if this was no big deal. Well it is!


My back gave up with leaning forward, I'm so tired. But to be honest, I'm always tired, I'm never fully rested. I resumed laying down on both the seats, maybe this will help me calm down. But Greece!? Why there of all places? Though this is sort of awesome, I've always wanted to go to Greece, to see the temples. They're amazing. But I'm sort of worried. What if he's lying, and he's really a pedofile or something. Wait a second, that sparked an idea in my mind. And before I knew it the spark left my mind, and spat out of my mouth. “Are you even a Doctor?” Doubt stained my throat as I spoke. He glanced back at me, “Yes and no. No I don't have to degrees, but yes I can heal people just as well. Actually, better and faster.”


No offence or anything, but I'm very certain that isn't true. If he was that amazing, he would of cured my cold, flu or whatever it is. It's not very reassuring either, that my 'Doctor' doesn't have any proper qualifications. I closed my eyes reluctantly, not wanting to take my eye off of him, but wanting to get some cut eye. Fatigue just took over. “Why are we going to Greece or where-ever it is?” Images started to paint in my mind, pictures of white polished temples standing against the hot blazing sun. Just like in mythology, of the Greek Gods in their temples. The Doctor eyes were still glued to the road, his head didn't budge a bit. As if he was hypnotised by the yellow lines following the grey but once black pavement. “You'll see. We won't be driving the whole time, this is just so we can blend in with everyone else.”


“What do you mean blend in? It's not like we're not normal, I know I am.” I started to get angry. He's abducted me from my home, and he's taking me somewhere, and he won't tell me where the Hell we're going! Are you kidding me?! Seriously, this is not at all funny, not one bit. “Look Erica, it's a long story. I'll explain everything when we're in the air.” The environment outside the windows began to alter. Houses became more distant from each other, the occasional tree was now tensing into forests. “We're going on a plane?” I asked my tone starting to get a little sarcastic. “No, not a plane, but don't worry. He's an old friend of mine, and he owes me.”


My mind troubled me. It came up with several different theories of what he meant by that, but none of them even slightly made a bit of sense. I bit my lip in anticipation that my head would think of a theory that would make sense. Nothing. I waved it out of my mind, no point in thinking about it if I don't know whether or not it's right or wrong. My head settled uncomfortably on the seat, twisting and turning to try and get easy. I clutched my legs to my chest, and appointed my chin between my knees. One simple, but not so easy to answer question sunk in my head, and repeated itself over and over again until I fell asleep. Why me?

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