On an Island unseen by those of the 'Far Lands', River and his bird Mohawk must face the biggest challenge of their lives. An unknown group of people have arrived to plunder his home for it's 'special qualities', of which River himself does not fully understand.
One thing he does know.... He will fight to the death to protect his home and uncover secrets from his own life along the way.


5. Chapter 4

The pain was too much to take, the way the wire trap had penetrated first skin, then muscle and finally bone caused him to scream loudly surely giving away their position. There were three of them, all silently encroaching the boy's camp. This was the closest they had ever gotten to him, now that the Island had been weakened, it's protection no longer strong enough to hold them back. The plan was to capture the boy alive and take him back to the Far Lands to be questioned over the Island's secrets.

All that seemed further away now that Griff had fell into the wire trap. Three times in the last two days they had almost marched on in there to take him unawares and complete their mission but Griff was a clumsy oaf of a man and had forced them to retreat further back than they would have liked for fear of being revealed. The first time he had passed wind whilst crouching in the bushes claiming he was a nervous wreck.

The second time he had fallen out of a large oak tree whilst surveying the boy hunting for rabbit. Sharkie was unimpressed and constantly angry anyway, his hunting knife had never been sharper the amount of times he would slope off to curse to himself over everything that had went wrong that day and that was usually down to Griff. But standing tall, confident and deadly amongst those two was Cora Glass. She was tall, lean and utterly mesmerising. The two pistols, one on each hip, changed all that when she was completely focused.  Not even Sharkie would say a wrong word to her. Cora had been handpicked by 'GHOST' themselves and that meant they recognised her potential and efficiency in the field of battle.

At twenty years old they picked her out from one hundred candidates as the leader of this operation. London, back on the Far Lands was her home and she knew that 'GHOST' wanted this boy and whatever this Island had that was so special. Griff had seen to destroying the success of her plans now every time and she was sick to death of it.

"Are you trying to get us fucking killed you moron?", the question was rhetorical but Griff was too dumb to work that out. Why did they even pick him anyway, she thought. He was the best explosives expert she had ever met but since their arrival all their weapons had become useless. Sharkie had taken three months to get her pistols working again but they refused to fire any of the thousands of bullets salvaged from the ship. Instead he had rigged them to fire reshaped pieces of metal from the hull and Cora had found that to be surprisingly effective.

"W..w...w...what?! aaahhhh!", Griff only half heard her, the searing pain in his right leg was too much to bear. "Sharkie shut him up the stupid oaf! I won't let  him get away this time, not again", Sharkie smiled and roughly slapped his hand over Griff's mouth to muffle his screams. "Shut it Griffin or I'll be forced to knock you out and I can't promise I won't enjoy it", Griff felt the heat of the huge hand over his face and promptly lost consciousness.

Cora Glass took the binoculars from his loose hand and peered through the trees towards the camp she was sure the boy was holed up in. The camp was a mess, there had been a fight here and by the look of it only moments ago. There!! In the distance she could see the bird weaving in and out of the trunks and she could bet with certainty it was following the boy as it always did.

She casually moved the binoculars to the left and thought she could see something, maybe someone with him. Cora looked back towards Griff and Sharkie, who had taken up sharpening his hunting knife again before replacing her eyes back to the binoculars. Right there, staring directly into her eyes was a girl, long red hair flowing down her shoulders. Her eyes attached themselves to Cora's own and for a second she was unable to blink. The girls eyes turned black as night in an instant and the last thing Cora felt was the glass from the lens piercing her right eye as it cracked, sending her reeling backward onto the floor.

Sharkie panicked, surprised by the sudden scream and splatter of blood onto his knife. Grabbing the binoculars he pointed them into the trees beyond, closing one eye to see through the lens that was still intact but he could see nothing, just the trees and the mud and the little specks of blood magnified on the lens he was peering through.     

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