On an Island unseen by those of the 'Far Lands', River and his bird Mohawk must face the biggest challenge of their lives. An unknown group of people have arrived to plunder his home for it's 'special qualities', of which River himself does not fully understand.
One thing he does know.... He will fight to the death to protect his home and uncover secrets from his own life along the way.


4. Chapter 3

My heart was beating hard and fast, I could almost hear it in the silence, sure whoever was coming for me would have heard it if they came any closer. Mohawk pecked at my neck nervously never looking away from the direction the danger was lurking. My fingers began to sweat, small beads of the stuff urging me to let go of the arrow and send it flying into whatever lay beyond the foliage ahead.

It felt like hours had passed in those few minutes when I realised it was completely silent, besides my own heartbeat, there was nothing. Then the camp we had made exploded with activity. Someone was behind me, darting this way and that yet still heading in my direction. I turned my head in time to dodge the first blow, from what, it was impossible to tell. The girl was moving faster than even I could manage, first she was to my left then in a blurry haze she was to my right attempting to strike me with a large wooden staff. Two large branches is what it looked like, all twisted together and held in place with a large violet orb sitting atop it.

My bow was flailing around in my arms as I tried to get eyes on my target. She was good I'll give her that but I was better. The arrow pierced her left shoulder and pinned her to the tree trunk she was nearest to. Long red hair covered most of her face as I approached the girl, another arrow already notched and pointing in her direction should she try to batter me with that thing again.

Mohawk was already circling above, he was probably scouting for more enemies but I knew that she was alone. Creeping towards her I forced myself to speak, "Who are you? What do you want?". Her face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen which was surprising given the others who had tried to attack me before. She lifted her head to look at me, smiling. I could see there was something wrong with her neck, something horribly wrong. Small bright purple veins were visible from the bottom of her throat, creeping their way up her face. She looked ill.

Letting out a little laugh she answered, "Hello River, what I want is not important right now yet what I need, oh dear boy, I need you and your not ready". What is she talking about? "I don't know what that means, who are you?", the girl was still smiling, those veins on her neck now throbbing looked extremely painful but she didn't seem to notice any pain at all.

"Ha! Who am I?, well that question has too many answers right now, I am many things boy. I suppose your looking for a title are you not? You can call me Scarlett I suppose. Now be a gent and get this arrow out of my shoulder will you, we have many things to be getting on with and I'm afraid our time is running out".

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